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July 15th 2015
Published: July 15th 2015
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What a blustery wet night here at Pahi. You could hear the wind coming before it hit the motorhome. I managed to get another wander around this morning whilst there was a break in the weather. It was nice to get some photos at high tide. Watched a poor shag innocently sitting on a rock get bombarded by a flock of seagulls. Managed to get a photo of his panicked flight to escape the bullies (photo a little blurred but it was a rather funny dismount from his rock).

The Kauri Museum in Matakohe was our next stop. Spent 3 hours here, so I guess you could say it was pretty cool. You could easily spend the whole day. Personally I thought the photography was wonderful and it showed the story of the Kauri industry better than the literature. Most of the photography was by a Tudor Collins, who recorded an amazingly large collection of photos in a time that it would have been rather expensive to do so. Without his work there would be very limited photographic history of The NZ Kauri Industry. Lance enjoyed the machinery wing and was amazed at the sheer size of the industry with 14 ships a day leaving the Kaipara each day exporting Kauri at the peak of the Kauri boom.

Just down the road on the peninsula is Tinopai our stop for the night. We managed to get a quick walk in early this evening, between the showers. Walked down to the large wharf only to find it is condemned, and is apparently awaiting a rebuild. Kaipara District Council brought the materials for the rebuild but don’t have any money to complete.

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11th January 2019
Old Pahi Hotel

Pahi hotel/hospital???
Hi I was searching for info as to where an aunt of mine was born (1950-1970's I have traced it down to pahi and was told my great aunt wss a nurse and delivered her baby at her place of work and the only building in the area at that time signifigant in size to be a hospital or clinic of sorts is the old inn...I look forward to any info you may be able to supply.. that you so much ...Robert walker

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