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February 10th 2006
Published: February 11th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hello everyone,

yup it's true i'm still scrubbing away in Paihia! Had the great job of cleaning out the fridges today, marc where were you?!! We had a deal that i would get rid of the spiders (and have done so on a couple of occasions, huge beasts they were too!) and marc would sort out the off milk. You owe me!

Am feeling slightly less wise at the moment though, after 23 years of unblemished dental records i have finally been at the receiving end of the dentists wrath, and am a wisdom tooth shorter than before! They dont mess around with things over here, went in expecting to be given some antibiotics only to be told 'ah we can take it out now mate, sweet as' in typical new zealand fashion, which left me mumbling along suggesting anytime apart from now would be absolutely lovely but i just have to go to work..... So back down i sat for my first ever anasthetic, dribbling away 10 minutes later the big pliers came out. 10 minutes of solid pulling later the tooth still refused to budge, turns out the falconer heenan dentistry line has given me very tough teeth, and extra special long roots also making sure mr dentist worked hard for his 200 bucks (all covered on insurance, phew). So i'm now hiding in the email room, not planning on making any new friends today, having blood seeping out of the corner of your mouth generally doesnt set people at ease! Sorry if the gory details have upset anyone, just feel lucky i'm not going to put a picture of the tooth on here!

Apart from that lovely story things still going well here. Met up with Katy (from turtle camp two years ago) last night for a lovely dinner and catch up (Karen this will mean most to you...french JP is now a dad! Not with katy of course!). Was great to see a familiar face and talk about things that happened more than five minutes ago for once!

Plans for the next few days include going on a sailing boat out to one of the islands and not having tooth ache again. A simple life.

Am gradually putting more photos on the old blogs so have a look through if you want to see more of our beautiful faces, or more likely skive off from work! Take it easy to all, love claire xx

ps For marc - yes i have your spoon and keeping it safe. Things are good in the dungeon room, the girls are sweet - i get tea brought to me in bed now!! Not staying too much longer in Paihia (shhhush dont tell jake!) so will let you know when i'm on the road again. Am ready to get adventuring again and sneaking peeks through the lonely planet to see where the fun will be next. Take care dude


12th February 2006

Sorry to hear about the tooth.Hope its settled down now.

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