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April 5th 2015
Published: April 5th 2015
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Hi everyone, we left the 'sticks' this morning after a lovely sleep in the middle of the forest, it was cold though, had as many blankets on as we could find, but very snug !! We decided to drive to The Kauri Museum which was recommended to us, it was about an hour and a half drive away from where we stayed and was in a place called Matakohe, set on an estuary at the upper reaches of the Kaipara Harbour. We spent the afternoon there, it was really interesting, it gave a good insight into the Kauri Trees, (that big one we saw), the Gum that comes from it (it's like Amber), pieces of furniture from the 1800's, the Pioneer Settlers, Kauri logging and the machinery used, an original school used from 1878 to 1972, a Post Office dated from 1909 til 1988, a church, a boarding house and I could go on and on. I just love the tree's out here, I just can't stop looking at them !! Do you think it's my age ?. There was so much to see, we had to break for lunch and then go back again. Matakohe is also where the country's first elected New Zealand - born Prime Minster, Joseph Coates was born, he was also buried in the cemetry there. I love their museum's out here, they are just full of interesting stuff that I like and if you talk to the Kiwi people at these places they just love sharing all this with you. From there we travelled to Auckland, took a couple of hours, we hit traffic, can you believe it, well it wasn't much, but it's the most we have ever had to deal with, plus it rained on the way. That's Bank holiday's for you !!! We are staying in Auckland because tomorrow we are going in search of a, wait for it !!! 'A Whale', that's our mission, I'll let you know tomorrow night if we are successful, it's our last chance, it's very iffy !! fingers crossed !!

Our hotel in Auckland, is ok, functional, we're back to sharing toilets and showers, but hey that's ok, were used to it now, everyone seems very friendly here, travelling around and going off here there and everywhere. We went out to get a bite to eat this evening and came across a multiple of Asian eating places under one roof. John Torode the chef did this in Australia, we ordered some Malayasian food and it was delicious, sizzling beef and sizzling prawn noodles, ate it too fast, now I've got indigestion and no Rennies !! not good, may interfere with my sleep. It's so hot here in our room, I've just got Stu to drag down this fan we have found at the top of a tall cupboard, he's moaning, I said to him 'its really not a hardship', anyhow it's down, thank goodness for that, it's like a blinkin sauna in here. Right, I will try and put a few photos up, but Internet not good here. I have also found a photo of a Kiwi bird for those who don't know what they are. I will put this on last, if wi fi allows me tonight !! Goodnight.

Hi again, had to get dressed to come down to reception, wi - fit wouldn't publish this upstairs, right PALAVA !! Thought better not come down in dressing gown, it would be too much !! Their playing country and western music down here, it's great, Stu hates it !! I'm off to find out what album it is. May need to purchase this !!

Hi me again, went back upstairs, got undressed then realised forgot to put the pictures of sizzling beef on, £6 each and it was truly scrumptious.

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