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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Waipukurau July 21st 2014

Hi again, This will be the last diary entry for this trip (That's what these blogs have been for me, instead of writing up a 'paper' diary as I did on our first big trip in 2008, I started writing the blogs on our 2011 trip and many people said they enjoyed reading them so I continued doing them on this trip. After our 2011 trip Joy found a site that published all the blogs in a hard covered book. She spent some weeks correcting spelling, grammar etc. and added a heap of new photos and the 210 page book is still read regularly by both of us just to remind us what a fantastic time we had on that 2011 8 week trip) We are back in Waipukurau, arriving home around 6pm after driving from ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Waipukurau June 17th 2014

Hi all, Well it is now only 10 days until we leave on our next adventure, albeit a bit shorter than the last couple. Many have asked just where exactly we are going and what we have planned. So here it all is and you will see that, as usual for Joy, things are fairly well planned out, apart from our time in Hawaii where we are going to wait until we get there to finally decide what takes our fancy. BRUCE & JOY’S 2014 TRIP ITINERARY Contact phone numbers while away: Bruce’s cell phone – 021 08561652 Joy’s cell phone – 021 0622745 Both phones will be on global roaming with Vodafone. Sat. 28 June Driving Waipukurau to Auckland Auckland to Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines Flight HA446 Departs Auckland 11.55pm, Arrives Honolulu 1030am. Flight time 8hrs ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Waipukurau May 1st 2014

Hi All, Joy and I are getting ready to head off on another overseas 'adventure'. A much shorter one this time, around 3 weeks. I am just trying out the 'blog site' again as it is 2 and a half years since we last posted one on our 8 week trip through the States, Europe, Middle East and Hong Kong and I just want to check that things still work and that people get emails advising them of the blog posting. If you receive an email advising the blog has been posted we would love to hear from you at just to confirm to us that the system is working. If you do get an email and don't want to follow the blogs then send me an email and I'll remove your address from the ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Waipukurau March 17th 2014

OK, so I did it.....again! I packed my routine and settled life into boxes, did some organising, bought some tickets and boarded a plane to somewhere new. Well kinda new, been to Thailand before but never Koh Lanta and not with the intention of staying for a while. So I've finally gotten my a into g and decided that its about time to do some good in the world and give my two cents of help to someone. I'm now newly qualified as a Veterinary nurse, after 2 rather painful years of study, chaos and ironing out some pretty big wrinkles in my life. Gaining experience is high on the list of requirements if I am to break into the employment sector of the Veterinary world and so i decided what better to finally contribute and ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Waipukurau February 5th 2014

This blog is dedicated to Angela, my lovely host.Thank you for getting me at the bus station, for letting me sleep and eat in your house. Thank you for introducing me to Charlie and Smiley, thank you for taking me to Masterton with your awesome bus. I just indulged in every day........ read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Hawkes Bay » Waipukurau November 28th 2011

Well 'That's It'!!!! Our 2 month journey has ended and we are back home in sunny Waipukurau raring to get back into working life again!!!! Anyway, we last left you just before we boarded NZ38 for our flight from Hong Kong to Auckland. I've had a complaint that tere were a lot of spelling mistakes in that blog and I apologise for that. I was crashing it out on my IPad sitting at a table in the dining hall at the airport while drinking a diet coke and we had a very short time before we had to travel the considerable distance to our gate for boarding. So it was a bit rushed. For those who haven't been to HK airport, it is so huge that after walking for what seems like miles through the terminal, ... read more
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