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December 2nd 2006
Published: December 6th 2006
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Alpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas Party

Me with red visors !!!!

It was Uncle Andy's Xmas Party for his company Alpha Aviation. The taxi turned up at 5.30 - waaaaaayyyyyy early. He tooted and Uncle Andy shouted "try your lights" - he didn't realise it was Steve the taxi driver. Aunty Tina told him it was Steve and he went out and told him he was an hour early. We were laughing because of what he'd said and didn't realise he was outside the house for us.

Anyway, he came back at 6.30 for us and then we picked up Steve and Denise, then Andy and Gabby. Off we went then to the Windyridge Hotel in Ohaupo. Only about half an hour away, but if anyone else had been driving probably would have took an hour. Steve drives like a maniac and the hills and bends he took in this mini bus (ancient) was scary, but we made it.

We got three free drinks each and I started on the wine, but gave that up as it was disgusting and stayed on the lager. I'd already told Aunty Tina and Uncle Andy that I was staying sober (work next day at 10) and there was NO WAY I
Alpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas Party

A Tina, U Andy, Me, Steve, Denise
was dancing.

The food was really nice but we had to wait ages for it. It was a buffet and they called our table last. Seeing as there was only 8 tables it shouldn't have taken long but it did and we were starving by the time it was our turn. There was plenty left though and we had - beef, chicken, ham, pasta salad, bread rolls, potato salad and other good for you things. After that we got moved because our table and another were covering the dance floor.

Anyway, the music started and after one couple had a bit of a waltz around the floor, we all got up. Me included and after that there was no stopping me. I kept going up to the DJ and asking for music, then I was dragging other people up to dance. Julie, the wife of a guy Uncle Andy works with, and me did - the Macarena, cha cha slide, 5 6 7 8, YMCA, time warp, and loads more. Considering I wasn't going to dance, I did really well. In the meantime I kept topping up the lager - thirsty work this dancing.

Just got a
Alpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas Party

Andy & Gabby
little bit tipsy - yeh right - but wasn't falling over. Shoes kept falling off but came home with both of them!!!!!

We got the taxi back around one in the morning and the 7 of us had a good sing song - think Steve might have had difficulty understanding the songs though. English, Welsh and Scottish accents don't come across too good when slurred. Gave a good version of Madonnas Like a Virgin though.

Dropped off the other four and got in the house about 1.30. We were all in party mood but decided to be sensible (again yeh right) and go to bed.

Had to get up on Sunday about 8.30 and then phoned mum. We all had a can of Irn Bru to help with the thirst and I went to work for 10. Not a good first hour but by the time I came home at 3 wasn't feeling too bad. Got home, changed and fell asleep for 1 1/2 hours on the sofa. After that, felt much better but couldn't get to sleep when I went to bed. Serves us all right.

All in all a good weekend and we are
Alpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas Party

the 3 of us
now counting down the days to Xmas and then our trip to the South Island for New Year.

There is a party in the park on Saturday night but don't think it's anything like the music festival in the UK. Will let you knw.

More to come next week.

Speak soon


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Alpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas Party
Alpha Xmas Party

cha cha slide - me & Julie
Alpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas Party
Alpha Xmas Party

me & Julie again 5 6 7 8
Alpha Xmas PartyAlpha Xmas Party
Alpha Xmas Party

Uncle Andy can dance

6th December 2006

ya piss ed!
arite ebo la! jst spoke 2 ya on d fone!! sounds lyk ya ad a gud time. u luk lovely! wot pic wer u on about b4??? neways av fun lv ya n missin ya ldz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6th December 2006

cha cha slide
I hope you had a great time you look as if you all did. I love the cha cha slide its my fav dance when im drunk. xx

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