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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville October 15th 2022

We left Auckland on the 11th October. Drove out to Kumeu for the cheapest fuel we've had in months then on up Highway 16 through Helensville, a place we hadn't been to before. This road was new to us. We stopped at the Kaipara Garden and Sculpture Park. It was worth the stop. The garden centre was attractive and quirky but the sculpture park attached to it was a delight. We bought tickets and wandered through the trees pepper-potted with sculptures from many different artists. Very engrossing it was. We really enjoyed it but unfortunately couldn't afford any of the sculptures . It was hot; up to 25 degrees. At times we had panoramic views out across the Kaipara Harbour on the road north. Onward to Kaiwaka and a stop at the Eutopia Cafe, recommended by ... read more
Eutopia Cafe Kaiwaka 1
Eutopia Cafe 2
Waipoua Forest

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville March 1st 2018

Day 2: Ahipara to Waipua Forest, 120km, The Donkey contemplates contemplation. Day 2 was a big day for Showpony and the Donkey, not only because of the distance. The hills were unrelenting, one after another. In total they climbed at least 9 big hills, that is not counting the many undulations in between the hills. The total climbing they did on day 2 was more than 2000 meters according to Showpony's GPS, which is higher than Mt Hutt and nearly as high as Mt Cook. The Donkey had never climbed so high in one day and Showpony had not much climbed at all in his life but coped remarkably well. The Donkey was admired for his hill climbing ability when he was younger, but not anymore as younger donkeys have taken his place. The Donkey was ... read more
Animals converge at watering hole at Broadwood
Northland hills wherever you go
Tane Mahuta

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville March 1st 2018

Day 3: Waipoua Forest to Parekai Springs, 120km. Headwind and Rain take over from Tailwind and Blue Sky. When the Donkey woke the next morning and he looked out of the window of his cabin he could not believe his luck as he saw Blue Sky and Tailwind waiting for them once again. 'Hello Blue Sky and Tailwind' said the Donkey, 'how nice to see you again' 'Bugger off the Donkey' Tailwind answered, 'we are here for Showpony, is he there?' 'He is still asleep but I will wake him up for you' But Showpony did not want to wake up 'What’s wrong' asked the Donkey 'I had a terrible sleep and don’t feel at all well' The Donkey never slept well, and never felt well either a lot of the time but he would still ... read more
Preparing for arrival Rain and Headwind
Cafe closed
Father Christmas?

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville April 24th 2016

R: We went to Dargaville. Well, someone has to, I suppose. After Mangonui, we headed into the Karikari peninsula. All around the Northland we had been seeing flocks of wild turkeys. I never would have expected that. Many end up as roadkill and I'm not that surprised. Several stumbled out in to the road in front of me as I drove on. All the beaches up here are just stunning and some have bright, white, silica sand. After pottering about on a few, we headed to Karikari estate, which is a winery on one of the highest points of the peninsula that has extensive views across and to the bays. Naturally, there was some tasting to be done, but as the day's driving had just started, I confined my tasting to a Pinotage and a Long ... read more
Beach Art
Godfather of the Kauri forest
Admiring the view. And the wine.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville April 12th 2016

On my way further south to explore the west coast of the North Island. It is the day of the trees as I visited Waipoua Kauri Forest. The highway twists and turns thru 20 km of mature kauri. Notably, there are two short hikes to see several majestic specimens. Firstly, is the 2500 year old Tane Mahuta - God of the Forest. This is New Zealand's mightiest tree with a total height of 51.5 metres and a trunk girth of 13.8 metres. Next were the Four Sisters, four kauri growing together. Impressive trees for sure. Further south, just before Dargaville, there is Ripiros Beach in the small community of Baylys Beach that I had to visit. At 100 km in length, it is the longest driveable beach in New Zealand; longer in fact than the more ... read more
Tane Mahuta
Tane Mahuta
Tane mahuta

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville April 4th 2015

Hi me again, very very very excited, we have just seen 3 Kiwi birds in their natural habitat. This is an amazing achievement, not only because we have seen them but because we did it on our own and being true thoroughbred townies this is certainly a miracle !! Richard gave us a red torch and a white one, sent us off in the direction of Trounson Kauri Park, now bearing in mind, it's pitch black, we have to travel on a dirt track in the car, then try and find this park, it really wasn't looking good, (this is all new to us !!). Eventually we came upon it, now that was something, so we were pretty chuffed with ourselves so far, on go the torches, but they both kept going off, the red one ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville April 4th 2015

Hi everyone, well after that sand fiasco yesterday, I have recovered !! I have put a few more photos up. It's all very well Stu giving me instructions on how to get down on the boogie board, but when you are up there, you have to make the board stay still, while I got fat tummy on it in the first place !! Believe me it's not so easy. He seemed to make it look easy, but he's a bloke and that's what they do !! Still, by the time I got the hang of it, I was too knackered to get back up the hill !! The ninety mile beach where this was, is in fact 64 miles long, have no idea why, might come back to you on that one !! the beach is ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville January 12th 2014

Next stop will be Waipou Forest It's full of Kauri trees. There I met the Tui bird. He makes such gorgeous louds. Apart from the Tui, we went for a night walk to search for the Kiwi. If you are quiet you can hear how he rassles in the forest. But don't frighten him with white light.Then he will escape.Use red light. This one he can't see. I am proud of having seen two Kiwis. For the first time I could hear their strong louds. Kiwis are territorial .I want to thank Christian for driving so carefully in spite of steaming pads and unstable vehicle body. THX Chris!... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville January 12th 2014

Sunday January 12th, 2014. Hokianga, Kauri Coast & Kai Iwi Lakes We had an al-fresco breakfast at the holiday park and then threw our stuff in the car and checked out. The first thing we did was drive down to the Ahipara end of 90 mile beach as D had not gone with M when she went for a stroll last night. Then we set off through the Herekino forest, heading for Kohukohu. Here we joined the half dozen or so vehicles waiting for the car ferry which would cross the Hokianga Harbour to Rawene. We took some photos of the coastline while we waited, and then of the ferry as it approached. Once we were all loaded, the skipper closed the gates at the back of the boat. Then at the last minute two more ... read more
9. Still Squeezing them on Hokianga Vehicle Ferry
13. Opononi Beach
16. M having picnic Omapere

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Dargaville October 31st 2013

Literally!! Today, it seems, that New Zealand was trying to blow me back to Australia.... and what better place to be for it then at the northern most tip, Cape Reinga. Think exposed, cliff faces, two seas colliding, white frothy peaks formed just out from rocky headlands, a lighthouse built in the 1800's, and me. The cape has significant traditional heritage and is based around the spirits of the local people wanting to rejoin their lost ancestors from when they came to this island. It is also a scientific research area and a sanctuary for a number of fauna. The bird life abounds throughout New Zealand I have noticed, but here on the cape it seems even more so. The long trip back down the cape was punctuated by a few stops for "forced" photo opportunities ... read more
Spirits Bay 4
Kauri Tree
Cape Reinga - Where 2 Seas Meet

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