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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whitianga April 13th 2011

Whitianga. Breakfast with Hayley and her mum Jane. Went into Whitianga and walked around. Really good weather and very pleasant harbour town. Feels like a quite a real off place with a lot of sailing and arts. Bone Carving. I decided I wanted to have a go at making my own piece of Maori jewellery. I read about a place here in Whitianga called Bay Carving where you can carve your own piece of bone. I sat down at the campervan park before I went into town and roughly worked out a design. I decided to have a go at combing Celtic and Maori design. There's a bit of a similarity between Maori and Celtic patterns. Decided to make the overall shape that of the Maori fish-hook but formed from Celtic knotworks. The fish-hook is a ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town April 12th 2011

Coromandel town. Went and experienced the Driving Creek Railway. It was the Vision of one man, the potter Barry Brickell. Very inspirational story. Barry was the first full time clay potter in New Zealand and purchased some land just outside Coromandel town to set up his studio. He set up the first wood fired clay kiln at his studio. His productivity required that he had a constant supply of clay to work with.After surveying his own land which sloped up into the dense forest he was able to locate clay deposits. He therefore decided to do the pretty unusual thing of building his own miniture train line by himself to allow him to get up to the deposits, dig his own clay and transport it back to his own studio! He built and built and built ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town April 11th 2011

Coromandel Town. Walked around town. Really quaint old gold-rush style buildings. Gold rush town mid-1800's. Gold mining exhibition here and rock battery. Waterworks. Lots of arty, creative people here. Main street in town has loads of Galleries. Met a Tom Bombadilesque character with other 60 boars as pets on way out to see the waterworks park. Intelligent fella even though he obviously hadn't had a shower in years. Lived in a hut with the pigs.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town March 15th 2011

Up early after an early night and a good night sleep. Into the showers early before the rest of the site wakes up, then breakfast outside the van. Still sunny, we have been lucky so far We set off at about 09:00, we have decided that we will fuel up first thing everyday, as the petrol stations do not appear to be as available as we are use to. I programmed the GPS for a gas station at Whitianga. We arrived there and fuelled up and then parked and went for coffee/ hot chocolate. I have a pastry, I am really getting into the pastries and cakes, like date scones etc. Today is really good date, walnut and apricot cake!! We set off again. Progress is slow with steep winding narrow roads. But the scenery is ... read more
Hotwater Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Hahei February 20th 2011

Feb. 20 Hahei Beach to Auckland Hahei beach has been described as “ A little bit of Heaven”. It certainly is beautiful. Norm was up early to catch a beautiful sunrise while I made breakfast. Sunrise was lovely but sky is dark, full of clouds and surf is rough. Toast and cereal then, check out and off to find Cathedral Coves kayaks- an original “desk on the beach” – literally- with mobile VISA ! Looking at the weather I am not optimistic we will be going out. One lady spies my Calgary shirt and our Tilly hats and asks us where in Canada we are from. She is from London with a cottage in Port Elgin. We have a lovely chat and visit. She is truly an inspiration – she is 75, travelling New Zealand on ... read more
Ready to launch into waves
Hahei Beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Paeroa February 9th 2011

8 February 2011 We would have liked to linger a little longer in Taupo however we have a plan and that involved once again moving on. Today we were headed in the direction of the Bay of Plenty (named by Captain Cook who, apparently, noticed how abundant the local area was) where we planned to stay at one of two DOC campsites that we had pinpointed. First stop however was Rotorua. Because we both have a childish sense of humour, we were quite some distance from the town when we both started asking if the other could smell rotten eggs. Rotten eggs? Well, Rotorua is home to the most active geothermal area in New Zealand. Think hot springs, geysers, mud pools and sulphur - giving the air that unmistakable tang of rotten eggs. It is ... read more
A hot spring by the side of the road
And another
Lake Rotarua

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whangamata January 21st 2011

Coromandel Peninsula and Hamilton/Waitomo Wednesday 12th January Arrived in Whitianga about 8pm and went in search of food. The town is really quiet – we think there are a lot of empty holiday homes - and most restaurants seem to stop serving food by ~8:30. But the Indian restaurant lived up to expectations and served late – all the way to 9:30! Everything was closing by about 10pm. Thursday 13th January Slow start today after the long drive yesterday. Caught up with emails etc and then wandered around the shops in town. Peter is looking for some new sandals but there was nothing in stock for his size. NZers must all have small feet. Drove out of town and around to Hahei where we walked to Cathedral Cove – a bay where the last beach can ... read more
Cathedral Cove Arch
Julia on Cathedral Cove beach
ready to dig on hot water beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Waihi January 11th 2011

Finally some sun!We bought body boards so we could make the most of the surf. The waves were massive, 5 to 6 feet. The water was clear, the sky was blue and the sand was hot hot hot! The next day we went to see "Marths's Mine", a gold mine that used to be underground tunnels but is now a big open cast mine. When they have finished mining they will fill it up with water to make a swimming/boating lake, it will take many years to fill.... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Waihi December 30th 2010

OK so I’m still a bit behind on this whole blogging thing but again, you haven’t missed much. The next few days after Christmas were mainly spent just hanging out with my family. We did a little driving around and a lot of hanging around. I believe I even got to see some of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, the Schweaty Balls sketch from Saturday Night Live and my cousin Michael attempted to figure out the game of cricket. We did learn that it has the most ridiculous names of plays. Like the silly cross leg, the pondivit wally wash, the stanky leg Britannica, and a bunch of other nonsense I cant remember. Unfortunately, I am unable to retrieve the 3 hours of my life spent attempting to understand that strange game. We did spend a day ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Whitianga December 15th 2010

After another quick stop over in Auckland we headed south to Whitianga (pronounced Fitianga, Wh is pronounced as a F in Maori, there is a place named Whakapapa but we'll get to that later). Here we headed to the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula to visit Catherdral Cove Marine Reserve which can only be accessed by foot or by kayak which explains why the scenery was so incredible. We spend the entire day completing the trail walks along the white sandy beaches, coastal walkways and rugged cliffs. The next morning we visited the beach at Mercury Bay where you can dig your own hot pools and we did just that. The reservoir of water stems from heated water underground from a nearby volcano, when the tide is low you can rent a spade and start digging then take ... read more
Cathedral Cove, Coromandel Peninsula
Cathedral Cove, Coromandel Peninsula
Make your own Hot Pools at Mercury Bay

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