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November 25th 2009
Published: November 25th 2009
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Hey all, just checking in so you know I'm still alive.

Unfortunately, I have quite literally nothing to report at present. I've cleaned a garage, spruced up some fridges, mowed a lawn and worked in the office at the weekend and that's been pretty much my life since I got here.

Saw a cool band though on Saturday and was surprised to learn the bass player was the drummers 60 year old mum. We had a laugh though when I chatted to the drummer afterwards and said how they played some songs my band did and he said "typical isn't it? you fly thousands of miles to the other side of the world just to hear the same songs..."

Went for a bit of a run this evening (it was quite literally a "bit" of a run, turns out I'm rather out of shape) and on the way back did a lot of thinking.

I once remarked to someone about how it's so nice and relaxing to be so free here, I'm not making career altering decisions, I simply decide where to go next. My biggest stress is probably whether to buy VB or Tuborg in the supermarket. But this is now becoming a headache. I'm stuck in Thames for another couple of weeks, but after that I've made the executive decision to go to Rotorua and get my absolute Zorb on. But what to do in the new year? Do I just do as someone suggested and hit up all the things I wanna do that aren't free while I still have money? Or do I go to where work is and hope for the best? Or do I find a band somewhere, then a job in that town? It's only been a couple of weeks but I really miss playing already, it sucks.

But hey, it's a hell of a lot warmer here than it is where you are so I win.

I'll update again soon with some photos and I intend to go on a couple of excursions before I leave so it won't be quite such a dull blog...

Peace Out.


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