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September 19th 2010
Published: September 19th 2010
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The stuff consumers don't see!
Hello again all! Not too much going on in my life since I last updated you, I had a bit of a bug (aching muscles, sore throat, headache, and a little feverish) and was off work for 2 days but I’m almost over it now and will be back at work on Monday.

I went to the doctor a few days ago and was quite surprised how cheap it was, $55NZ for the consult with lasted about 30 minutes and was prescribed a weeklong course of antibiotics (Amoxicillin + Clavulanic) and a lot of painkillers (100 Paracetamol ! Like I’d ever use all of them) and sent me on my way. So a weeks course of amoxicillin is 3 pills a day, once every meal, totalling 21 pills and guess how much it cost… $3! That goes for the painkillers too $3 for 100. Originally they cost $12.14 for the antibiotics and $7.10 for the Paracetamol but with the government subsidy it only ends up costing $3 a pop. I can’t help but think that antibiotics must cost more back home, anyone have to run a weeks course on the recently have the cost in mind?

In other news, I tried some vegemite for the first and last time today. It’s some vile salty stuff that has the consistency of tar mixed with peanut butter (and kind of looks like it too). The pictures of Tim, Lisa, and myself will attest to how nasty the stuff was. At least we can say that we gave it a shot and had a sample (even if it was just a tiny bit) of one of the worlds most vitamin B rich substances known to man.

That’s all for now but take my word for it, seriously

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Close UpClose Up
Close Up

Peanut butter tar!
Just About to TasteJust About to Taste
Just About to Taste

Just before we tasted it
Just After TastingJust After Tasting
Just After Tasting

Look at the faces!
Me Racing for a GlassMe Racing for a Glass
Me Racing for a Glass

I ran to go get a glass of water to get rid of the horrible taste.

19th September 2010

Yes! I have tasted Vegemite, ugh. The Aussie spread it very thin, from what I have seen. Enjoy! Peanut butter is king! LH
28th September 2010

Arrrrrrg when will the rain stop?
Greetings, I'm glad to hear you are over the bug. I'm stuck in Bella Coola on emergency standby due to washed put roads and airport. We will be shuttling traffic to and from Bella Bella for a few months. At least B C Ferries will be here to help. Have you been getting around ok on the new wheels? Girls lining up on the side of the road waiting!!What's next for your "walk about" ? Are you headed for the South Island at all? Well Eric be safe and keep us posted. Stan
6th October 2010

Hey! Gald to hear you are feeling better and their health care system treated you well! I have also tried vegimite and wonted to throw up. They must have a serious lack of salt in their diet to actually think it taste good! I like the reject kiwi fruit...they look like kidneys! Im back to school now in Vic. Im staying with Andrea this semester. Im starting to get excited for my trip to Wales. I leave Jan. 6!! My friend posted a website on facebook, I dont know if you have heard of it but its site to organize carpooling in New Zealand and Austrailia. I know you have a car now but it might be useful when you go to Austrailia. Thought i would just pass that along. Have fun! Take care, Sarah

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