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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell December 16th 2009

Hey! Haven't posted in a while I know. I was just going to tell you about my average day in Russell but I'll save that for now (aren't you gutted...), since I had a bit of a mad day on my day off on Sunday; So it all began on Saturday night at work... Haha! But really it did. Couple of chaps who know my boss came in for a few drinks and turns out one of them is a multi-millionair and the other is like his shadow a bit like a really un-cool batman and robin... Anyway, they were chatting away to us and then the millionaire - Mike - is origianlly from England so he was like 'where are you from', etc etc! So they said they would take me fishing next time I ... read more
View from the top of some hill i biked up.
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A lot like Scotland really

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell November 27th 2009

Hey, first I appologise for the awful wave at the end of the video, awful! Anyway, this is where I'm living for the next few months hopefully. It's a small town called Russell in the north of NZ, a few hundered km north of Auckland. Not got a massive population but once the summer hits there will be a big boom. I decided to take the job at the Thai restaurant, I feel like for the last few weeks all I have done is spend money and I reallised that I really needed to start making some money if I'm going to have anything left for my travels after NZ. There's not an awful lot to do in Russell except get out and about and get down to the beach so I should be able to ... read more
My Living Room
My Kitchen
Oldest Standing Church in NZ

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell November 17th 2009

Hey everyone! We bought a lovely little beauty of a car!! She goes by Karlene Jean and is a Toyota Windom.. which I have no idea what is, but looks like an old school Lexus/Camry mix. She is dark green, with a few "birthmarks" where the paint is chipping. We met up with our Israeli friend, Noam (sounds like No om), who we met at the first sketch of a place where we tried to buy a car and decided we would give a different place a shot. We walked up and this car sales place is basically a parking lot with a ton of clunkers and people trying to get to you to buy them. We were wandering around just looking clueless as ever before we were snatched up by some crazy Kiwi, who goes ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell November 8th 2009

Russell in the Bay Of Islands is now a nice little town but at the turn of the 19th century it was a shore station for whalers. Whaling was a greasy, smelly and dangerous occupation and when members of the crew got to shore they liked to drink, fight, and generally let off steam so Russell, or Kororareka as it was known then, gained a reputation as the Hell-hole of the Pacific. Manganui lay further north. Captain Butler had run away to sea when he was 14, preferring a life at sea to following his reverend father's and grandfather's footsteps, and eventually he became the magistrate here. In 1838 he bought the 640-acre Paewhenua Island from its Maori owners for 47 pounds and 10 shillings and two years later came to live here. Given the awful ... read more
Captain Butler's headstone

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell November 5th 2009

The search for a real latte ended in failure. But the day was not ruined. By late afternoon I reached a stunning DoC campground at a place called Mimiwhangata. The last few kilometres were along a gravel road with a steep climb and final descent. Best Kept Secret Mimiwhangata has to be one of the best kept secrets. It's a beautiful, sheltered spot with bush and farmland behind it. The campsite is a five minute walk from the carpark, up, over and down a steep path. And the facilities are limited, just toilets and cold water. The main beach is a perfect, long curve. The campsite is at a much smaller bay, with a few trees for shade and a lovely outlook. When I stayed in early November, I was the only person. Hell on ... read more
Tough Farming
At Mimiwhangata

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell November 4th 2009

One more cup of coffee for the road One more cup of coffee 'fore I go To the valley below Bob Dylan It was a perfect morning and I was in the perfect mood to enjoy it. The sun was shining but the day was still cool, and with no overnight dew my tent was dry when I packed it up. I was fed and watered and the road lay before me - full of promise. What more could a person want? Coffee! Even before I'd reached the 100 kph sign on the outskirts of Russell the thought had flashed through my mind. What could make a perfect day more perfect? A big steaming latte, frothy on the top with one of those tubes of white sugar (or better still brown) poured onto it and stirred ... read more
Russell Waterfront
17 Kilometres to Go
Modern Sculpture on the Road to Oakura

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell October 13th 2009

ca y est, apres cette semaine de dingue au States et un vol de 13h au dessus du pacifique, nous sommes finalement arrive en Nouvelle-Zelande...Pays longuement attendu, mais malheureusement l'acceuil de la meteo ne fut pas a la hauteur de nos attentes et la pluie nous attendait a la sortie de l'aeroport. Nous avons attendu en vain pendant trois jours que le soleil fasse sont apparition dans un petit camping proche de Auckland...mais une fois que la tente a commence a montrer des signes de faiblesse face a la pluie incessante et surtout le fait que celle-ci etant minuscule, nos sacs doivent passer la nuit sous l'auvent qui lui est encore plus mouille, nous avons decide de partir vers le nord a la recherche de cieux plus clement. Une journee d'auto-stop et 5 rides plus tard, ... read more
The harbour of Auckland
New Zealand - New Emirates
Auckland by night

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell September 27th 2009

Today, the banter started with the early rise. The last hour of last night was debating how early we’d leave. Uncle Donald wanted 0500 as apparently, unbeknown to me, he has a habit of waking about 0400 - even at weekends. Aunt Yvonne and Claire reckoned nearer 9, I opted for a general stance of the later the better. I surprised all being ready at 8am, and luckily the bus was rolling out north about half 8. The weather was heavy rain with no end in sight - albeit the forecast predicted clearing from the north. The drive up was in hindsight ruined by the rain. It would appear that this was Uncle Don and Aunt Yvonne’s seemingly thousand’th trip up here with visitors. So I tried to make it as painless as possible by using ... read more
Bay of Islands
Russell Pub

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell September 8th 2009

Was super lazy this morning. Weather got a bit cooler and cloudy. I finally got my butt in gear and headed down to the wharf and caught the little ferry over to Russell. It's about a 15 minute ferry ride and only costs $10 return. Russell isn't a very big place. It's the sight where a maori activist brought down the flag about times. There is another town on the island that was the first capital city of New Zealand. I walked around and stopped for some lunch and ate down by the sea front with a flock of seagulls (hehe) watching my every move. One seagull wouldn't let any other birds come near me which was funny to watch. I fed him a few chips and walked around the town. I found Christ church which ... read more
more boats
Pretty yard
cool flower

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell August 15th 2009

We have done so much and seen so much we are having a hard time keeping up with ourselves. Was unable to add text to photos as I ran out of time but will fill you in when I get back. And yes I can hear you all say how much you are looking forward to that. LOL wish you were here.xxxx... read more
Our Niece
Maori Carvings
Whangarei Falls

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