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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell January 2nd 2020

Finally we’re off to the beach! Russel is a peninsula in the Bay of Islands, 3-4 hours north of Auckland. It’s an area of 150+ small islands scattered around an area with a rugged coastline, amazing beaches and beautiful nature. Almost everywhere you look, you can see the ocean. So straigh away, we felt right at home. We arrived in the late afternoon, but the boogie boards had to be testet straight away, so we headed for the beach even though it was a bit late. The water was freezing (about 19 degrees), but it was so much fun in the waves that you forget about it when you’re out there. It’s only when you come back in with blue lips and tingling fingers, that you really start feeling it. Luckily we all brought full wetsiuts, ... read more
Russel Beach
Ollie and Alba
More crazy big trees

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell March 24th 2017

Our second week in Bay of Islands and our last week in New Zealand was super fun and relaxed! We cooked most our meals in so enjoyed cheffing up oysters, mussels, fish, steak and burgers. The barbecue was great to have and helped us keep on budget! One day we took the ferry over to the mainland and drove about 30 km north to the town of Keri Keri which is known for its oranges, kiwi fruit, vegetables and wine. Here we visited the Stone Store which is New Zealand's oldest stone building dating back to 1836. We also took the Keri Keri River Track leading to the beautiful Rainbow Falls. All in all, it was a great day! A highlight for us this week was the dolphin sighting cruise. And yes we spotted lots of ... read more
Hole In the Rock
Hoping to see a kiwi!
Exploring one of the beautiful islands on our dolphin excursion

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell March 11th 2017

Hello Friends and Family! We made it safe and sound up north to The Bay of Islands area. Unfortunately we experienced some rain so missed out on some of the scenery but according to local people here they have been in a drought so the rain was welcome! By the second day it cleared up and we were good to go with sun and highs averaging 25 degrees and quite humid. Some evenings stay warm but other times it cools off. We are renting a lovely holiday apartment set high above Orangi Bay called Oyster Watch as it overlooks a large oyster farm. Warren is enjoying himself feasting on fresh oysters that are available across the street, shucked and served with lemon ready to eat. As well they sell fresh flounder and smoked fish which are ... read more
The town of Russell
Some of the beautiful scenery in The Bay of Islands
The harbour in Russell

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell December 31st 2015

Geo: -35.2616, 174.122Poor planning - that's why we ended up in a small town like Kerikeri on New Year's Eve, because some basic research led us to plan an additional day in the area, for some wine tasting around the town of Russell. Had it not been for Russell, we would've made our way down to Auckland one day earlier, which surely would have a fairly substantial celebration to ring in the New Year. The plan was good in theory, but in reality, it wasn't the best choice - while Russell does have a couple of decent wineries, there really isn't much wine tourism compared to NZ's more famous wine regions. Russell really isn't a place to plan a full day's worth of wine tasting - only an hour or two, at most, was enough for ... read more
Russell's Most Famous Hotel
Russell's Waterfront
Oyster Shack

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell June 16th 2015

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! I think it is official – we can call ourselves “Snowbirds”. The weather starts getting cold and we are outta here, north to warmer climes. We are partaking of some of the usual spots: Paris for a month, and day trips out of that wonderful city, with a foray into England for a wedding (who doesn't?). From there we will be travelling for a month around La Belle France, visiting old and new places. In September, we will be heading into Greece for a month with visits to a couple of islands and places Kevin wants to see. I have put in one request – Santorini – and my wish will be coming true. We will, all during this time, be visiting friends (lots!) and family, and, of course, eating. Which is ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell April 2nd 2015

Evening everyone, this morning we went on a boat to The Bay of Islands in the Pacific Ocean and it was just stunning. It was a little chilly first thing, but when the sun came out it was hot. The water was calm, we saw some dolphins and there were people in the sea trying to swim with them, but they did'nt have much luck when we were there. The skipper then went full pelt ahead with the boat passing by islands on either side of us, telling us there are 144 islands scattered around, most of the islands are classified as recreation reserves, camping is allowed on some of them. We passed through Cape Brett Peninsula and saw Cape Brett lighthouse. We reached the main place we were aiming for and that was The Hole ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell October 27th 2014

Nous voici décidés à acheter une voiture pour visiter le pays. De nombreux choix s'offrent à nous, des voitures Japonaises, Chinoises, Australiennes ou encore Allemandes. Après avoir visité plusieurs concessions dans notre budget, les voitures sont plus qu'usées (180 000 kilomètres). Le vendeur nous conseille alors le solution miracle: une voiture Française (Renault Scénic). Pour avoir une autre vision du marché nous avons poussé la porte de Porsche et d'Aston Martin, malheureusement notre budget ne correspond pas du tout (mais elles sont si belles). Après de nombreuses recherches sur internet, des pots de yaourts en passant par les vieux tacots, voilà notre coup de coeur: Volkswagen 1997 (la même voiture de collection que Papa Jans pour ceux qui connaissent ^^). Une fois la voiture achetée, les documents administratifs remplis, nous profitons d'un week end all... read more
Volkswagen Golf
Te Whare Runanga
Pirogue Maori

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell October 10th 2014

October 10 - Oh, I could live here! Each morning Dan and Tasha made us great breakfasts that we ate upstairs in their gorgeous great room overlooking the bay. They will also serve it to you on your private deck off your room, but the weather was a little chilly, and I like my breakfast warm. (It's the Princess and the Pea thing again.) It also meant we got to chat with these two interesting people who are both musicians at heart. I hope the next time we come, Dan will have his baby grand set up in the corner, so he can play and Tasha can serenade us during breakfast. (And, perhaps by that time, they will have also bought up a few more places in the area so they can let loose and have ... read more
Interior of Christ Church - Russell
Stain glass window
Captain Hunter & Annie Hunter's grave sites

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell June 14th 2014

Well, it’s all over but the packing…all reservations are made, calendars filled, kilos lost in anticipation of the upcoming trip…we had a couple of hiccups tho, which was to be expected. Just when we thought it was safe to mentally settle into our apartment in the the Marais in Paris, we got a notification that the plumbing had crapped out (...sorry about that….) and we had to find other accomodation….during the busiest week of the year for tourism… month out….. Let your fingers do the walking, I always say….I found a hotel by Les Invalides for less than the apartment and booked it immediately. is wonderful as most of the reservations do not require payment until arrival, and free cancellation up until 48 hours before. This was our backup, in case we couldn’t get an ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell February 16th 2014

Saturday 15th collected Maui campervan, quick trip to supermarket for supplies then on to Russell and the Bay Of Islands where we booked into a campsite for 2 nights. Had forgotten how amazing the scenery is, very volcanic and aqua blue seas. Passed some very large dairy herds but only a handful of sheep. Arrived at about 6.30 parked up for a quick meal and into bed - very weary! Sunday morning clear skies and sunshine (so sorry kids!) up early, packed lunch and then spent a fantastic day on the water sailing round the Islands. Our first random encounter was on the jetty, met a guy called Andrew who was a vet from Cornwall. He had just spent 6 Months in South Island working with the dairy herds and now having a couple of weeks ... read more
Our lunch stop
Our vessel
The Orca family

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