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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia September 4th 2015

Hallo ihr Lieben, Anni und ich sind inzwischen in Paihia angekommen, einer Stadt in den Bay of Islands im Norden Neuseelands. Letztes Wochenende haben wir uns ein Auto gekauft ( wir haben es auf den Namen ,,Walker'' getauft). Unserer erste Autobesichtigung hatten wir allerdings am Samstag. Ein Backpacker namens Petr wollten sein Auto verkaufen, nachdem er damit ca. ein Jahr lang durch Neuseeland gereist ist. Uns war klar das wir eine Probefahrt machen mussten und Anni opferte sich, auf mein betteln hin, als Erste zu fahren. Da Petr die hinteren Sitze aus seinem Auto genommen hatte um ein Bett einzubauen hatten wir allerdings nur die beiden vorderen Sitze zur Verfügung und da Anni weder alleine mit Petr fahren wollte und wir zu zweit alleine auch eher ungern in der großen Stadt fahren wollten, entschied Petr kurzerhand ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia July 8th 2015

I flew into Auckland from Melbourne but I only spent an evening in the former, so I can't say much about it except that The Attic Hostel has a really inviting atmosphere- the best in this trip, in fact. I took a 10:30AM Intercity bus to Paihia, the central point in the Bay of Islands. Apparently Captain Cook counted 144 of these islands; as such, he truly was terrible at naming things. "The Bay of a Lot of Islands" would have been a brilliant pun (a lot is technically a dozen dozens), but the opportunity was lost, perhaps because, as one Brit commented, "(Cook) sounds like he was a bit of a wanker." The drive was stunning, and it just made me wonder what the rest of New Zealand would bring. But when I got to ... read more
Motumaire Island beach
Peace field
Haruru Falls Mangrove walk

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia April 25th 2015

Hello Bloggers, We woke up with the Asians blow-drying hair again, it wasn’t too early though. They said they were off to Cape Reinga by rented car, so we let them get in the shower and use the kitchen before we got out of bed. We had booked the car for another day too as we want to see Waipoua forest to see giant Kauri trees. So after cheese on toast for breakfast we set off on the 1h40min drive across to the west coast. The drive was easy, only a couple of roads to navigate, average speed was about 100km, and we arrived. Before we did however, we pulled over a few times to admire the incredible landscape of northern NZ the view point over North Head and Omapere-Opononi were amazing!! (Hopefully the photos will ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia April 22nd 2015

Hello Followers, Again we had another lie in- we have been on the go constantly for over a week staying with different people so it’s nice just to have time to ourselves and to sleep. Both Eduardo and Susane had left for work early again; it’s really kind of them to allow us to stay in their house after they have gone to work as most couch surfers insist you leave when they go to work. When we left the house at 9.40am we went to buy breakfast in the town of Onehunga I had a sausage roll and Neil an egg and bacon roll, we then we went to the outlet by their house to buy the Nike trainers that Neil had found last night (and wanted for the last 6 months) and a new ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia March 1st 2015

after a 10 day stay in North Shore, Auckland we picked up our crazy little campervan and headed to Northland and the beautiful bay of Paihia. From our campsite base we spent Saturday up at Cape Reinga - see separate posting about that. On Sunday we took the ferry to the quaint little town of Russell and saw Neil Oliver filming for an episode of Coast. We even ate in the same place for lunch but thankfully he didn't pester us while we were eating! Lesley had green lipped muscles! Yes, they have green rims on their shells and the wobbly bit in the mid flexible, whatever it is called, was huge. I stuck to simple 'man food' an Angus beef & chorizo burger with beer battered chips 😊 ... read more
Russell to Paihia ferry quay
Russell bay

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia February 19th 2015

An intentional early start for a 300+ mile trip up to Northlands. The first part was easy going as the nearer we got to Auckland the straighter the roads and some of motorway standard but still a 60mph limit with highway patrol (red police cars) ready to pounce. Around Auckland the traffic stopped despite five lanes, just like the M25 at Heathrow! North of Auckland the hubbub gave way to tranquil countryside. We took the eastern half of the tourist route which took us onto some superb beaches. Had to stop for an ice cream. Despite a long drive we arrived in good shape in Paihia. We are staying at an Autolodge, a motel by any other name, and it turns out to be one of the best rooms yet. So good we had a meal ... read more
langs beach

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia January 25th 2015

Finished up the Oz leg of the trip back in Perth. Took a boat trip to Fremantle. Met Maggie at Melbourne airport. Auckland airport very hot on bio security-long queues to check I had no plant products or soil and insects on my walking boots!! I didn't! But I still got stopped because I had a mysterious shape in my bag.Turned out to be a jar of tiger balm!! To Auckland. Lots of tourists. It was Auckland's 175th birthday so lots of street activities. Went on a harbour cruise for the afternoon. Saw a mad man bungee jumping from the bridge!! This morning went to the Tepid Baths! Such a great name as the spa pool was boiling. It was opened in the early 90s for the residents as a salt pool. There were 2 pools-one ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia January 21st 2015

Monday 19/1/15Oh no the jet lag we thought we may have avoided kicked in! Oh well if nothing else at least when you are awake early you have time to pack and get checked out on time. Still haven't found a decent atlas map of the islands, will manage with Mary's map for time being anyway, also haven't found sandal/trainers and hat for me and a hat for Ian. Successfully negotiated the cases and bags onto the right bus and managed to get off right at the car hire place. Now the proud hirers of a navy Ford Focus auto and have found our way to Piahai, Bay of Islands. The road was a bit hairy at times, lots of up and down ness and twistiness. Cloudy and a bit rainy but still looks pretty good, ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia January 21st 2015

Tuesday 20/1/15The Bay of Islands is exactly what it says and most of the tourism is based on or in the water. Lots of boat trips around the islands, diving and dolphin spotting. On the other hand we headed inland and when for a walk up to a look out spot. It was quite a climb and we only met another 3 people. The view from the lookout was lovely and with the sun out the water was turquoise rather than the grey of yesterday. So instead of coming back down to the town we decided to take the route traversing a ridge and ending up at the ferry terminal in Opua, from there we could pick up the coastal walk back to Paihia........ 5 hours later with feet threatening to spontaneously combust we arrived. If ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia January 12th 2015

Episode 1 (12.01.15) “Wipe your face, you have bits of pie in your whiskers,” said Ross, staring at my unshaken face. We were sitting having lunch in a café in downtown Auckland, at the beginning of a three-week trip focusing this time on the North Island of New Zealand. Ross ordered the beef, bacon and cheese pie, and found it riddled with bits of corn. I ordered a pepper steak pie and mine was riddled with peas. Odd, but tasty! We arrived to sunny skies last Thursday (January 8) and have so far explored Auckland, Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf, and the beautiful Bay of Islands, north of Auckland. We really enjoyed Auckland, walking around the waterfront area and going up the tall Sky Tower for dizzy 360 degree views. It has one of those ... read more

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