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September 8th 2011
Published: September 8th 2011
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"When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

And there was me thinking I had survived this journey *Scott Free but alas, wishful thinking. Having gone to play poker in the Globe bar I ordered a beer and sat down. Half way through the first few hands I was nuged awake by the player beside me. Apologising the to the numerous poker faces at the table, played on and was first out, to which I obviously put down to exhaustion. I could barely walk up the stairs in a straight line and must have appeared like a typical drunken Scot at 7pm. So much for entering the wet T-shirt competition, my fans will just have to wait until another time...

Having earlier bought some new underwear I at least had something fresh to get into and colapse into bed. Waking several times With light starting to come through the window, I was quietly happy that I had had a good sleep and dawn was on her way, and she was. Dawn however was a backpacker coming into the room, changing from what could only be described as one of my **pet hates, the plastic bag traveller (see previous blogging in Auckland plastic bag travellers). The ususal and expected amongsrt travellers, lights on to see what they need at any time of the night, a moderately good attempt at not making too much noise, lights off, on, off, on and finally off again and quite. But no there is a lot of noise and music coming from out side... Oh sh*t, Dawn was just teasing, the light through the windows is street, she was just changing to go out, I can hear every rugby nation outside getting rweady for the onslaught of alchohol over ther next 5 or so hours. It's only 1am.

So, choices, 1 - get up and join them. The wet T-shirt competition might still be on. Actually this was very tempting, but as it's only night one, I have a killer headache that
is just laughing at my panadol and I dont wanna spend day 2 hungover, that option is out. 2 - get up and read, blog, watch a movie until I feel tired, chosen.

Nothing else to write now so am going to go and read for a while, these words are now nothing nore than
Richie McCawRichie McCawRichie McCaw

All Black legend
processed thought without purpose. Good night all, let's see what tomorrow brings in...


So, day 2, slept eventually, got up and had breakfast. Met old buddy Andy Parker who works for KIWI and headed out to see what the pre celebrations were. Bumped into this fella, apparently he's like some famous rugby player or something? Never heard of him myself.... :-)

Bag arrived! Thank you luggage God! And have on now suitable Scottish attire, no, not the morphsuit just yet... Ready and waiting for tomorrows opening celebrations. BRING IT ON!!!

*"scot-free." And contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with Dred Scott or the Scottish. Sceot is the Old English for "a tax." Scot and lot was a medieval muncipal tax levied on residents. Someone who managed to avoid paying this medieval tax got off "scot free." Eventually, the word evolved to describe getting away without any kind of punishment, fiscal or otherwise. Kids who fake fevers get out of school scot-free. Cagey adults escape jury duty scot-free. And dogs with remorseful eyes get off scot-free from just about any wrongdoing.

**"Pet Hate" Its first usage was around 1919. The term is a back-formation from the 14th-century word peevish, meaning "ornery or ill-tempered." Pet peeves often involve specific behaviors of someone close, such as a spouse or significant other. These behaviors may involve disrespect, manners, personal hygiene, relationships, and family issues. A key aspect of a pet peeve is that it may well seem acceptable to others. For example, a supervisor may have a pet peeve about people leaving the lid on the copier up and react angrily, be annoyed when others interrupt when speaking, or by messy desks of his or her subordinates. That same supervisor may witness employees coming into work late, and not feel any annoyance whatsoever.


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