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May 24th 2006
Published: May 24th 2006
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That’s right people I am saying hello from the land of NZ, after getting off the boat at Cairns and checking my phone I was disappointed to not have any voicemails from dive shops or prospective employers, but I did have a message from a great girl called Mhairi who I had met before going on my dive trip and did not expect to see again so that was a nice surprise and ended up having a lovely evening with her as she had been held up and was still in Cairns.

After speaking to Dore earlier in the week my mind was made up that if I did not have any job offers or interviews by then I was going to Hawaii to see D2 and Yardie. I know it sounds crazy but what the hell you only live once.

So the next day I went to some travel agents and found out some prices for flights, just looking at this point for a June 10th flight from Sydney. After enquiring I was told that it was the same price from Cairns and that I could stop in NZ for free so my mind was made up and I booked my flight to Auckland for Tuesday 23rd May!!!!!

Tomorrow I leave to head north from Auckland and hopefully go diving on the Poor Knights over the next week or so then back down to Lake Taupo and the Tongariro National Park and see some of what Peter Jackson used for Mordor!!!

Katie nice to hear from you and Martin sorry to hear you are working now!!!!

No pictures at the moment but I am sure NZ has lots to offer


24th May 2006

Hello stranger!!
hiya Bruce... sounds like you are having the time of your life out there, i am getting itchy feet sat here looking at all the pics you keep sending! well, will hopefully be out there with ya next year!! expecting to see a pic of you in a hula skirt when you get to Hawaii ;) Take care and have fun... keep the pics coming! alena xx
25th May 2006

Hey Bruce, Am down south in Queenstown if you head to south island give me a shout x
25th May 2006

Jigga man in HI....? nice one say hello to Aragon for me i love new zealand and im sure you will too camp is looking forward to a much needed chef in the kitchen should be cool....surfs up
26th May 2006

homeward bound
hi bruce heading back to uk ffffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkk sake looking forward to seeing everyone but not the place. Anyways braking keyboard with my tears of the thought of it. Anyone reading this with a idea of travelling do it get a grip and get out of the uk or which ever god forsaken country you call home theres more to life trust me. Anyways soz for the rant needed to get that of my chest more like a aganoy aunt colume not a blog jesus can,t i go on
26th May 2006

hi bruce hope u are enjoying nz have read all the journals and caught up at last some good pics from your dives will come back down to library on mon or tues and see if you have done a dive in nz weather here was good 2 weeks ago this week has been bad temp down to -3 at lochaber take care love dad

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