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May 24th 2010
Published: May 24th 2010
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After 482 days of travel we now consider this part of our journey completed. We've accomplished more, seen more, and experienced more than we'd ever thought possible. Best of all we've grown very close with God and we met awesome people who changed our lives forever. To everyone who helped us along with an encouraging word, took us in, gave us advise and taught us something new, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You'll probably never know just how much you've meant to us, and we hope that some day we can do the same for you and for other travelers as well.

May God bless you all, and may we see each other again/for the first time in the near future.

Ferdi & Talita de Lange


24th May 2010

No, thank you!!!
Seeing the two of you everyday facing a new challenge and making the best of each possible situation was inspiring to us and the way you grew closer to God is something that most of us can only strive for. We hope your future endeavours will test your faith and humility before God and I'm sure things will work out just fine. We will miss the blog immensely although it had to come to an end sooner or later. Please keep us posted on the progress that side. Thank you and may God bless you. Rian, Jolene & Seth
24th May 2010

Hi Talita & Ferdi, Yes, what a journey you had! My very best wishes .... and may your dreams come true! xxx
24th May 2010

Ferdi and Talita, We'll miss your blogs, please keep in touch. You are always welcome here. Good luck in the next chapter of your lives, may you have the good luck you deserve. Love Karen & Colin
24th May 2010

The End ????
This cannot be true ... I need a blog every night to keep in touch ... If you have nothing to say, just send us photos!!! Thank you for all the effort to share all your feelings and experieces and adventures with us ... and all the lovely photos !!! Love you lots, Mother Mariana xxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooo
24th May 2010

Along for the ride
Thanks for taking me along for the ride! It's amazing how fast this all came together in the end. God bless.
31st May 2010

Proud of You
And that says it all. You took a BIG step of faith and plunged into the unknown've made it. We are reading again the book of Thomas en Lynette Kinkade, and of cause think about you all the time. I'm proud to call you my children. May He guide, you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and may His love fill your hearts to overflow so that you will be His shining lights where ever you go. Our own spiritual journey has been incredible since you left, we learnt so much and have so much to share..........................., but we know the journey you've embarked on, taught you much more than we could ever have taught you. Now you've learnt from Father God himself and He is the best teacher, mentor and Father anyone can wish for. I'm excited about the next season and can't help smiling, knowing good things are awaiting. Lots and lots of love, Mom Corne.
7th June 2010

New chapter
Ditto mom Corne! What a journey it has been, I think you will have an amazing amount of adveturous stories to tell the little ones one day. I'm so glad that God has opened these new doors for you, that He has been leading you and guiding you all the way. We have been praying for exactly this for such a long time. We pray that this new chapter of your lives will be truly and utterly filled with blessings from God. We are so happy for you, but there is sadness as well, as this makes it official that we won't see u guys until September for the wedding... nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more! ;-) Konrad & Vicky
26th June 2010

Good luck and God bless
Dear Ferdie and Talita Good luck and God bless for the next part of your journey, whatever and wherever that may be! We are in the full swing of WC fever and SA is a riot of flags and vuvuzelas. It has been an amazing experience. Hope you have fun and never forget the lessons that you have been priviledged to learn in the time of your trip. Thank you for sharing all the lovely places you went to with us. Lol Sonia x

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