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February 14th 2009
Published: February 14th 2009
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Monday 26th January 2009


Today is a public holiday (not that is matters as all days are holidays to me right now) to commemorate the arrival of some dude up in the Bay of Islands in 1840 (?) who later became the first Governeor of New Zealand. Its seems to me that the Kiwis do like any excuse to shut up shop and head to the beach for a long weekend (they are barely back a week from a complete Christmas period shut down) - Me - I am going wind surfing!!!!!

My friend Kelly who I met at the Parnell Tennis Club is a keen windsurfer - he has been learning for over a year. He drove me and 2 other novices (whose names I forget - oops) to Point Chevalier which is in West Auckland, on the South shore of the Waitamata Harbour for our first lesson. The wind was feeling particularly strong today - not too sure it was perfect weather for a first timer but I was willing to brave it once I had been assured that should I be swept away I was more likely to land in North Auckland than Fiji or Samoa or some other Pacific island. Well thats ok then....

Pete, a nice English chap, was an excellent teacher and let me stay out on my own way longer than the actual lesson - swot that I am!! I didn't get swept away but did have a lot of trouble turning so spent most my time wizzing along in straight lines convincing myself I'd be going Pro in a matter of days then having to jump off and manually turn the board - not very "Pro".

I loved it and hope to keep it up as a new hobbie - along with all those other things on my list to try!!!

Thanks Kelly!!

And thanks to the dude who became 1st Governor of NZ for giving everyone a holiday to go windsurfing on!!!

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