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November 5th 2007
Published: November 5th 2007
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Welcome to the first blog entry for Amy's and Brian's great New Zealand Adventure! We made it safe and sound. It was close to 27 hours of travel time and all in all, it wasn't too bad. We even saw some friendly faces on the way to LA. A team of fellow engineers was headed west for a business trip and we felt bad that they had to sit in coach while Amy and I were in first class. Ok, we didn't feel bad.

The long plane ride to Auckland NZ was nowhere near as bad as we expected and was actually pretty enjoyable. Premium Economy was't flat beds but we had the first seats so we could stretch out. We had personalized video screens with tons of selections. Guess Brian didn't need that new video iPod after all! We did experience the phemonena where we slept for lots of hours, woke up sure we were almost ready to land, only to find out that we had almost 7 hours to go. That's the moment of panic but we pushed through. They actually fed us pretty good food everytime we turned around. It made the time go by. We arrived in Aukland to gray skies and rain but instead of sleeping, we walked around the harbor and took in an Antarctic Exhibit. It was like Sea World Lite, but pretty cool. After that, we ate some fish and chips and then got lost on our way back to our B&B! The Markowich's have to get lost at least once a day when on vacation. It's a rule. I hacked into a neighbor's wireless network to upload this first edition. That brings you up to date. Tomorrow, we're headed north to the Bay of Islands, take in a ferry ride, and see some very old trees (right after we vistit NZ's biggest ball of yarn!). We have a gnome mascott that will be the subject of many unique photo ops. We'll try and upload a couple of pics every few days.


5th November 2007

Glad you arrived ok. I couldn't last that many hours. Brian, very interesting how you got a new iPod for the trip. I watched a video ref S/Baptist missionaries in New Zeland and it was informative especially about food and the beautiful country. Have fun - 17 years - I can't believe it. Love you.

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