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November 4th 2006
Published: November 7th 2006
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Sky Tower

I'm back
After we had finished at Kelly Tarlton's we went into Auckland City. We decided to leave the car in a multi storey and walk down to Victoria Market. It's the site of an old market but the stalls are all little shops now. Most of it is tourist stuff but you can get cheap gear if you want to.

On the way down the guy who plays Chris Warner in Shortland Street walked passed but I was the only one who saw him and before I could stop him for a photo and autograph he had gone. Shortland Street is the NZ version of Neighbours and Aunty Tina has got me hooked on it. When I work late on Mondays she tapes it for me! Anyway, I got over the shock and we went shopping. Prefer retail therapy any day.

After the market we went to the Sky Tower. It doesn't look that big from a distance, but you could see it from most streets so we knew we were going in the right direction. We decided to go up to the observation deck and the first shock was the lift - it
Outside Sky TowerOutside Sky TowerOutside Sky Tower

Stopping me falling
has a glass panel in it - NOT GOOD. Aunty Tina just kept looking straight ahead, Uncle Andy wanted to jump on it and I just felt ill. Wasn't expecting that.

Once we had got up to the deck (after about 10 seconds - too fast for me) we could see all round the city and what Uncle Andy didn't tell me was that there was glass floors around the deck as well. You can walk on them and see the street below (see pictures). Aunty Tina just stayed towards the back and took photos, me and Uncle Andy were brave but my legs were shaking as I stood on them.

People actually bungee off the tower but we didn't see them until we were back down on street level. You could hear them screaming as they went down. MAD folks here in NZ. There is also a bit outside the tower which they call 'Vertigo' people actually go outside and climb further up the tower just to get their pictures taken. You can see from our photo that it was just a bit windy and Uncle Andy and Aunty Tina had to stop me from
Auckland Sky TowerAuckland Sky TowerAuckland Sky Tower

Me being brave
falling off. Scary or what.

After the tower we went and had some lunch and then had a walk around the harbour to have a look at all the posh boats. Not many in on Saturday and seeing as we haven't won the lottery we won't be buying one either.

Not sure what we are doing next weekend, but will keep you posted and update the diary. Might just go to Hamilton to the shops with Aunty Tina - Uncle Andy is wanting to go for a walk up the hills so might let him.

More next week.

Love Ebo

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Auckland Sky TowerAuckland Sky Tower
Auckland Sky Tower

It's my feet honest
View from Sky TowerView from Sky Tower
View from Sky Tower

Rangatoto the youngest volcano in NZ. Only 600 years old
View from Sky TowerView from Sky Tower
View from Sky Tower

Auckland Harbour Bridge
Inside Sky TowerInside Sky Tower
Inside Sky Tower

Uncle Andy being brave
Auckland HarbourAuckland Harbour
Auckland Harbour

Me and Aunty Tina
Auckland HarbourAuckland Harbour
Auckland Harbour

Aunty Tina & Uncle Andy

7th November 2006

ite ebo chik! ya no dat pic up there wen u luk lyk ur fallin of dt tower iz dat real ?? lol u mad ed orr ebo n.z lukz propa nice i wana go :( cum home eb n stop makin me gel!! neway email me bak cuz u avnt yet!!! lve ya loads n tel ya aunti tina n uncle andy i sed elo :) xxxx byeeeee xxxx
14th November 2006

het hun looks like y aavin a mint time iv got ya letter n soon as a get a free min il be writin a nice long 1 bk 2 u!missin ya ldz hun luff yooo xxx
30th November 2006

Think all your photoes look fab.

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