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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere Ranges December 25th 2015

I get so excited when the days go colder and the evenings darker. Autumn is my favourite time of year... I even like the rain. I absolutely LOVE Christmas. At this time of year my inner six year old comes right to the surface. I can't get enough of silly Christmas films, sweets, presents, decorations, etc. Even more importantly, it is a significant time for me spiritually as I am a practising Christian. I love Advent as the preparation for the season and I love glorifying God with the gusto, if not quality, with which I sing carols. Generally I love the opportunity to spend quality time with my family too. This year I have found it strange though. Rather than getting colder and darker it got hotter and lighter. My body struggled with this. It ... read more
Going for Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch Kiwi-style
Christmas Floods

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere Ranges December 20th 2015

We had planned that our time in Auckland would be a time for us to rest and recharge our batteries. For this reason, and to save on cost, we decided that we wouldn't have a car for most of the time we were here. We had a vehicle for a few days to get us on our feet and then returned it. One morning we walked out of the house and found two police officers lurking around the car. They asked me to confirm my identity and then checked the boot. Apparently they suspected me of fencing stolen goods. Fortunately they were satisfied that I was innocent when they found the boot completely empty. We went out for the afternoon to a place called Piha in the Waiketere Ranges Regional Park. This is a massive forested ... read more
Lion Rock, Piha Beach
Piha Sand Dunes
Kitekite Falls

Headed off from Cornwallis park this morning (Day 22). Huia lookout was our first stop. Magnificent views across to Manukau Bar, Waitakere ranges and down to Huia. A lucky break with the weather allowed us a chance to get the camera out. Would be a nice place to sit in the summer with a glass of wine and a good book. Our next stop was Whatipu which is on the Northern entrance to the Manukau Heads. Oh my god! ..... I am surprised we survived the road as it was narrow with lots of overhanging trees and a steep drop if you happen to fall off the road. I generously put my Health and Safety Officer hat on and assisted Lance with some back seat driving:). A much needed coffee to calm the nerves on arrival ... read more
Whatipu Road
Paratutai Island - Whatipu
Huia Lookout

Hello everyone! Welp, as you can see, I've decided to start a travel blog for my friends and family who want to follow my adventures, and also for myself of course! To sum it up, I moved to Auckland, New Zealand about 6 weeks ago and it's been a busy crazy time. I'm moved into a house with my best friend from highschool and another roomate, currently searching for a different job, and just settling in still! Obviously, it's becoming winter here so it's a little chilly and coming here drained my bank account so not many trips will be taken in the next few months but I wanted to tell you all about the one I took over the weekend! Now, I like to hike, i like the outdoors, and i like views. So what ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere Ranges March 30th 2015

Hello, again We'd envisaged retirement to include lots of holidays. Over the past 2 years it's been a long time between holidays for us. The last was to Tassie (to review - look here) where we went following some frustration with Council over our housebuild - and also to 'prepare' ourselves for a hard slog. Overall, the housebuild project has demanded we turn our attention away from nomadic enjoyments of the recent past to focus upon the design challenge, Council permit process, and the all-embracing build task. For us, the last 12 months have been hectic - we began the construction phase 'officially' in late Feb 2014 and moved into the house a year later. There is still work to do to complete the final aspects, but for us it's 'liveable'. In Nov, last, Bruce realised ... read more
Auckland delight
Craft beer
Cornwall Park vista

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere Ranges November 25th 2014

Cette semaine, nous avons profité de notre temps libre pour nous imprégner de la culture Néo-Zélandaise et donc visiter "le spot de surf" d'Auckland : la plage de Piha. Située à 40min de voiture d'Auckland au bord de la mer de Tasmanie, cette belle et longue plage de sable noir est coupée en deux par un gros rocher appelé Lion Rock. Nous sommes montés en haut du caillou (60m quand même) qui servait de campement aux maoris pendant la saison de pêche mais aussi de lieu de repli stratégique en cas d'attaques. La météo n'était pas vraiment avec nous, mais nous avons néanmoins fait une très belle balade le long de la mer bien agitée, qui offrait aux surfeurs des vagues assez impressionnantes. D'ailleurs il y est interdit de se baigner quand la plage n'est pas ... read more
Piha Beach
Piha Beach - Lion Rock

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere Ranges November 8th 2014

My feet coiled in the sun-slathered, ebony sand of Karekare Beach (pronounced carrie-carrie). Sand in general is torturous after a day of resting under the sun, but black sand - it is like walking on coals. I tried to play it off for the first few steps and then gracelessly did the hot sand dance the last four feet until my toes met the moist shoreline. I calmly recovered as I watched the waves break 50 feet out and then slide into the glittering shore before me. I feel most connected to the world when my feet are being consumed by the oncoming waves of the sea. It's as though my body subconsciously knows that the water in this place is connected to all of the other seas and oceans my feet have stepped in. The ... read more
Look Out
Mount Zion Trail View
Tunnel Campsite

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere Ranges February 14th 2013

Just a few pics of the view from the B&B that Sam organised for my birthday.... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere Ranges December 4th 2012

Onze tuinierervaring reikte niet verder dan af en toe onkruid wieden in de tuin van onze ouders / grootouders, (en DJ bollen pellen) maar dat weerhield ons er niet van om ons in te schrijven bij WWOOF Nieuw-Zeeland. WWOOF is een netwerk waar reizigers en biologische boeren zich bij kunnen aansluiten. Als reiziger werk je dan ongeveer 5-6 uur bij een biologische boer tegen kost en inwoning. Wij kwamen terecht bij Shane, Ben en Molly op de Seven Springs Farm. Het doel van Shane en Ben: een zo zelfvoorzienend mogelijk leven leiden door het kweken van groenten, het verzorgen van 7 kippetjes, 4 koetjes en een haantje (en deze uiteindelijk ook weer opeten). Het doel van Molly: ons zo lekker mogelijk laten slapen . Onze taken (zie foto' s): als 'groentjes' in de biologische wereld kregen ... read more
Een welverdiend drankje op onze 'veranda'
Uitzicht vanaf Molly met de tuin op de voorgrond
Iedere week komen een aantal families groente ophalen. Hier ligt alles klaar.

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » Waitakere Ranges December 1st 2012

@ the city garden lodge, ons hostel in Auckland with a little bit of the free internet access we got left Vanuit dit hostel zijn we naar een boerderij ten westen van Aukland gereisd om te WWOOFen ( check Daarover volgende keer meer, nu een overzichtje van afgelopen week. Hebben we afgelopen week veel bijzondere dingen gedaan in Auckland? Mwah, vooral heel veel gelopen en 'dingen' geregeld. We hebben een gezamelijke rekening (na 7,5 jaar is het dan echt zover! Er staat al 20 dollar op), allebei een eigen simcard en het belastingnummer is onderweg. Dinsdag toevallig langs rechtbank gewandeld waarbij we voordat we het wisten als publiek op de tribune zaten. De verdachte werd aangeklaagd wegens doodslag (manslaughter). Met getuigen die niet helemaal 100% leken, een vertaalster die er een zooitje van maakte en ... read more
veerle voor het museum

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