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January 2nd 2008
Published: January 9th 2008
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Having a Whale of a TimeHaving a Whale of a TimeHaving a Whale of a Time

Glynn models a kind of symbolic whale sculpture. Is it just me or does it actually look more like a giant rake?
Jetlag. It's a funny business. Imagine having no sleep for 36 hours and then being told you need to stay awake for another 14 hours. That's a total of 50 hours without so much as 40 winks. I can't say I would want to do it too often but bless Liz and Allard for trying to keep us going so our body clocks could adjust to New Zealand time.

We settled in at their lovely house in Takanini in the southern suburbs of Auckland and managed to avoid the lure of the very comfy looking bed in our room. Instead, we spent a few hours catching up on news and divulging our loose plans for survival. When fatigue threatened to zap us once again, we decided a bit of a walk in the open air would do us good.

We drove down to the botanical gardens at Huakaiwaka and basked in the warm sun as we wandered through the well-tended gardens and around some seriously quirky sculptures. There seemed to a be a bit of a dog theme going on with some of the bigger sculptures making us think of Buster and Diesel back in Birmingham, although some other
Sun GirlSun GirlSun Girl

Can you spot Jude amongst these giant sunflowers? She's definitely in there somewhere!
statues were quite eye-catching too. My favourite had to be the big metal seashell with words cut out in spirals but I was also quite fond of the ceramic tile boat. I love the idea of making something out of totally impractical materials!

After a leisurely stroll, we ventured back home by way of an ice cream shop and later endulged in Hokey Pokey ice cream (vanilla with honeycombe bits in it) with some giant tasty strawberries, just like the ones I remember from our first visit top New Zealand. In the evening, after I succumbed to a couple of hours' sleep before we went out for another lovely walk, this time by the river/seaside in Takaini.

It was a gorgeous evening with a golden sunset as we wandered through the mangroves on a wooden walkway to a nearby beach. On the way, we were befriended by a tabby cat with two different coloured eyes. He followed us all the way to the beach but then was frightened off by a bouncy labrador playing in the sand. As the sun sank lazily to the horizon, it was easy to see why Liz and Allard have lived in Takanini
Name that SculptureName that SculptureName that Sculpture

Is it a dog? Is it a big stick? You decide!
for so many years. Imagine having the beach, mangroves, rolling hills, golden sunsets and sea all on your doorstep? I have to admit, I could see myself and Glynn settling down here if all goes well. Watch this space - you never know what might come true!

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She Sell SeashellsShe Sell Seashells
She Sell Seashells

Jude's favourite sculpture. Cheap at only a cool NZ$24,000 to buy, eh?
Dog? What Dog?Dog? What Dog?
Dog? What Dog?

It's behind you, Glynn!
A Walk in the ParkA Walk in the Park
A Walk in the Park

Jude wishes she hadn't forgotton the metal dog poo bags!
Tile BoatTile Boat
Tile Boat

Just the thought of a boat made of tile is enough to send Jude into a panic. Jish just takes it all in his stride...
Are you going my way?Are you going my way?
Are you going my way?

Glynn makes a new friend on the Takanini walkway.
David Me-owieDavid Me-owie
David Me-owie

Check out this cat's eyes! Just like David Bowie!
The PoppelbaumsThe Poppelbaums
The Poppelbaums

Glynn with Liz & Allard, our favourite Kiwis!
Down on the BeachDown on the Beach
Down on the Beach

It might not be the biggest beach in the world but imagine having this right on your doorstep!
Bear GrovesBear Groves
Bear Groves

Jish wonders why they call these tree mangroves when he hasn't seen a single man living here!
Takaninin SunsetTakaninin Sunset
Takaninin Sunset

What a glorious way to end out first day back in Kiwiland :-)

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