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Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland February 21st 2014

DAY 5: Friday" FINALS DAY." Today’s game is at 1 pm so we are keeping office hours and because it’s not a hair straightening day we pull out of the camp at 8 am. There’s the normal coffee stop, only a double for me today, Harry wanted to take my temperature. The Routine stays the same, the team walk the horses across the road, breakfast, tend to the odd cuts, kicks, and battle wounds , get a wash and shampoo. Salt water wash with Manuka honey for a saddle sore on Mavis, a bit of extra attention for Ngaio as she had a bit of a limp last night, seems clear this morning, an extra cuddle for Gypsy this morning as she seems to need it. Tig and Rich arrive mid morning all is relaxed. The ... read more
Morning routine
Making good use of the Pagola

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland February 20th 2014

Day 4 :Thursday and a well deserved day off from competition, see's a slow and leisurely rise, walk and feed the horses, a long lunch at the Stampede in Papakura, a spot of shopping in South Auckland. Its nice to catch the breath, regroup, relax and rest up before the serious end of week begins. FINALS time. This is a good time to share our week with you via the photo gallery. Have they done enough??... read more
the walking gazebo

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland February 19th 2014

BMW : Day 2 Boss Hogg and I are up at 4am getting down the cuppas, she’s an insomniac and well it’s just my time of day. 5am, wake everybody else up, they struggle with the morning especially our Mongolians, “right that’s it, 4am for you lot tomorrow morning”. Some quick cereal or toast and in the van. Where’s Rachael? Straightening her hair, that really gets Harry going; she may get 3.30am tomorrow haha. Still dark when we drop the team off at the paddock to walk the horses to the ground while Harry, Cody and I mix the high energy horse breakfast, a low order mix I am assured by Cody compared to the requirements of the high goal polo horses. After breakfast there’s time for a morning wash down, grooming almost have a team ... read more
get there early
three riders

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland February 19th 2014

DAY 3 True to her word the Mongolian crew get the 4.30am call and by 5.30 the team are collecting the horses while Cody, Harry and I are mixing their breakfast by van light, another thing big flash truck has is a lighting system.! Needless to say there is nobody else around at that hour of the day, Harry's theory, get there early gets the best if not all the space, best water, Gazebo spot, etc, have everything done and well into the third cuppa by the time anybody else arrives. Up goes the good music as the horses are eating and the daily tack is organised, then a wash and groom. 8am Harry and I are at fuck off good coffee co-op getting the crew flat whites and cronuts, a dough nut mated with a ... read more
tack assembly
peaceful moment
bandages and tails

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland February 18th 2014

BMW New Zealand Open Polo Tournament Day 1. Getting there. 4.30 up trying to pack, 6 am at Opiango, headquarters of McLean/Kuru Polo and the van is all packed for me. Threw the pack in, forgot the suit carrier, bugger no cocktail party for me. 6.30 loaded the horses, all in a specific order, rat bags at the back, the truck away to pick up Robbie's horses. 18 horses in all 4 per player, Cody, Mamunaa, Uunee and Robbie, with a couple of spares. All aboard we head off, in the van with me i have the Mongolians, less Uunee, and two Australians , 1st stop Taupo, the D'Bretts thermal hot pools with the requisite, A beautiful coffee stop on the way. We had time for a quick hot dip, too hot for our Mongolians, then ... read more
truck loading
Aussies and Mongolians
De Brett Pools

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland November 18th 2013

Wow - the trip is almost over. Can't believe it's gone by so fast and yet we are really looking forward to coming home. Even I'm getting tired of living out of suitcases. Our last day in the Alice was another great tour. In the morning we went to the West McDonnell Range and toured Simpson Gap and Standley Chasm. No one knows who Simpson was and Mrs. Standley was a teacher in the late 1800's who came out to teach the settler's children and saw the need for teaching half-caste Aborginals who weren't accepted by anyone and started teaching them too. When the gold rush happened, we was very concerned about lots of miners coming in and the effect on her Aborginal teen girls, so she moved them all out to this area about 30km ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland March 23rd 2012

This morning I woke up extra early, around 5:30. I still felt a bit sick but I didn't care because today I was going whale watching! I was so excited! I had to leave the hotel by 6:30 so I gave myself plenty of time to get ready and to get there. I first had a long shower and got dressed in winter clothes, I figured it'd be colder than usual, the ocean air would be colder. At around 6:00am I walked out the hotel and to the taxi cab that would take me to Auckland Harbour. The cab ride took around 15 minutes. We pasted all the CBD buildings, I saw a lot of men in business suits and women in pencil skirts. I had a new cab driver today and he was a lot ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland March 22nd 2012

Today was a better day. It wasn't raining but it was cloudy. I woke up early this morning because I didn't know how long it would take me to find somewhere to eat. I got ready for the day, locked up the room and went out for a bite. I wore my favourite shirt today. As soon as I walked out the door this morning, I found a coffee shop right across the street, it was called Esquires Coffee. Everyone looked overly happy to be there and it kind of creeped me out. It was still cold this morning so I wore a long sleeve top and a jacket. I ordered waffles with ice cream and chocolate sause and a bottle of water. After my delicious breakfast, which was really cheap, I went back to the ... read more
Three bubbles bursting

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland January 9th 2012

Arrived in Auckland New Zealand on January 9th from Toronto, LAX to Auckland......4 1/2 to LA followed by 13 hours to Auckland..relatively into the Copthorne Plaza downtown and headed for the waterfront..... Beautiful city........took some photos of some magnificent yahcts (one in particular, Mia Culpa, that I would later find out was built by my cousin Mimi's husband, Bill Lloyd's company: Signature Yahcts)....... Fell asleep at 6pm and slept til the next day........... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland » South Auckland January 12th 2010

It is actually one of those days when we just did not happen to want to go the beach...OMG surprise yes it does happen! So I had heard from one of the girls at work that the botanic gardens were really beautiful and worth a visit. She has been fussy about a lot of things about being in New Zealand so I thought damn it must be good! So I said to hubby we have to find a day to go and this day was it. It was also not a very sunny day so we were not really missing a sunny day out at the beach anyway. I pack a blanket and our books just in hindsight (don't you just hate hindsight, I mean you live and you learn right) I would not have ... read more
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