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October 8th 2009
Published: October 8th 2009
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A Solo Cycle Ride - An Opportunity to Raise Funds for OxfamA Solo Cycle Ride - An Opportunity to Raise Funds for OxfamA Solo Cycle Ride - An Opportunity to Raise Funds for Oxfam

From one end of NZ to the other over the summer of 2009/10.

Feral Mike and the Beast of Burden

Coming Soon - Departure Day is Tuesday 13 October, 2009

My grandfather told me: Always wear underpants beneath your kanzu before you mount your bicycle. Foolishly I mocked him, and now my heart is a dry ear pod. I was cycling home from the market when a terrible whirlwind blew up my kanzu, ballooning it over my face and lifting me far above the ground. I kept control but when the bike landed I sat down hard upon my testicles, squashing them against the saddle to the flatness of patties. A sharp pain ran through my entire body. Then I felt an inner peace and went into a deep sleep.

Mzee Oposen

Additional photos below
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The Panniers Go OnThe Panniers Go On
The Panniers Go On

A few days before setting out, I still haven't tried to pack the gear on the bike. Will it fit? How do I distribute the weight so I remain in control of the bike and not the other way around?
The Rolls Royce of Bicycle StandsThe Rolls Royce of Bicycle Stands
The Rolls Royce of Bicycle Stands

Made in Switzerland, imported from Australia, the bipod double leg kickstand by DGSE is regarded by most touring cyclists as the best available. It doesn't let the bike lean to one side as is the case with single leg stands. As a result, the bike doesn't tip over as it's loaded each day.
Sam at Palm Beach, north of SydneySam at Palm Beach, north of Sydney
Sam at Palm Beach, north of Sydney

We made a quick trip to Sydney in early October to catch up with my son, Sam, and others.

9th October 2009

Go Mike!
Dearest Mike, have a fantastic trip. I say that with the reverential awe of a man who hasn't been on a bike since I last rode my Raleigh Twenty (gold - three gears) in 1974. I hope it's everything you want and deserve it to be. We'll miss you here, tremendously. But what a bloody wonderful thing to do. Ride well, MB. Lots of love, John.
9th October 2009

Pedal Patter
So you've learned how to have fun and earn sainthood at the same time? I wish you well, Mike. May your reflective gear glow brightly, your kanzu strapped tightly.
9th October 2009

If you are sharing your tent with the rolls royce of bike srtands..ahve you decided which sex it is ?
10th October 2009

Does the phrase 'fair winds and following seas apply to cyclists'? 'Following winds, rainless days and careful motorists' perhaps? Have a wonderful time...ditch the bike stand and call Judy! love and hugs, Lesley
11th October 2009

Good on ya mate
Go Mike! Wishing you a safe journey, smooth roads, legs that last the distance and warm sun on your back. looking forward to feasting on this feral fantasy!
11th October 2009

Good luck! Hope the weather holds and the long trip to Muriwai goes well. Jen
11th October 2009

Good luck
Good to see the blog up and running - will endeavour to get it spread around.
12th October 2009

Hey Mike, Is today departure day ? If so good luck. Hope you have a good tail wind and a long flat road to start off with. And when you hit those hills dont forget to keeping saying "its better than another day in the office" Keep us posted on the journey. Regards, Stephen
13th October 2009

You feral?
Mike, have the greatest time going feral. I can't imagine you being dirty and smelly but am waiting to be entertained by the hairy photos you'll post. Good luck. Andi B.
13th October 2009

Hello From Honkers
Hi Mike, here's to a little Hong Kong typhoon-style tail wind coming your way! I'll be hanging out for your blogs and cheering you on. And thanks for the opportunity to donate to Oxfam in honour of your effort - when the going gets tough it helps to know your sweat isn't in vain. Melanie xx (Got The Boss on your ipod, I hope!).
13th October 2009

take off time!!
Hey Mike! Congrats on A) getting this website up and running :) and B) finally leaving the comforts of Auckland (and the luxuries of Judys cooking!!). Hope the first few days have gone successfully and you're enjoying the freedom of the road! (still think you're insane though!!). When you get to Wellington you'll have to pop in for a visit (and if you bribe me nicely with chocolate I may let you stay in our 1st class spare room (views of Oriental Bay included of course!!). Cant wait to hear all the stories!! Love Fi :)
13th October 2009

Hi Mike, Enjoy your adventure - will look forward to your blogs. I thought a Motor Bike trip in Europe was hard enough!! Sheryl
15th October 2009

Kanzu. Mike what exactlyis a kanzu? Whatever it is I hope your tour of the north goes well, the weather is foul, so you should be having a Really Good Time. Good luck and Safe Journey. cheers Penny
I think I have just made my comment into the Comment title. Hope you can unravel this Mike, as you sit in your tent in the rain and wind! xx Penny
19th October 2009

If you leave me can I come too ?
Well its been a good few days now. I would say you have been wet, hot, almost run down and buggered ...well and truly by now !. Just hang in there, as I know you will, not being the type of man to give up in a hurry. I sooooo envy you doing this, and I would have loved to come with you. Take care and dont get run over, you are irreplaceable. xx Cush
22nd October 2009

keep the weight on the pedals
Hi Mike. Great meeting up at Langs then the next day in the Waipu forest. You look so happy and relaxed on your bike. Enjoy your journey on the open road. You are an inspiration. ps I would suggest soaking "the twins" at Ngawha Springs whether they need it or not!
23rd October 2009

Thanks to everyone for your comments. As I think you can tell, I am having fantastic fun! And it is wonderful to hear from you - sort of keeps me in touch with the real world. Too many to respond to you all individually, but be reassured I am reading and rereading your comments whenever I get a chance. regards to everyone, Feral Mike
28th October 2009

Fair Winds
Hey Mike. All your sailing buddies wish you fair winds and safe harbours. We will follow your journey with interest and raise the odd glass of port to you (actually, quite a few glasses of port)
13th December 2009

not good weather for cycling!
Your weather is truly only good for ducks. Baling out [temporarily] would be in perfect order...enjoy Wellington. Reminds me of the atrocious weather when you and Judy set out from Waiaua Hut and needed hot coffee, fresh choccie banana muffins and a warm log fire in a cosy home!
14th December 2009

Plus the alcohol!
Hi Lesley, I have a feeling there was some medicinal brandy involved as well - to help keep out the cold.
28th March 2010

it seems like 40 years
Mike, mutual friends have drawn your cycling efforts to my attention and I am impressed, although a little surprised that any marathon feat you attempt does not involve some kind of yacht. If you are ever passing back through Wellington don't be a stranger.
29th March 2010

Blast From The Past
Hi Jim, Fantastic to hear from you. Yes, someone mentioned you were in Wellington. It would be great to catch up some time. We had some great times a very long time ago. regards, Mike
29th March 2010

Blast From The Past
Hi Jim, Fantastic to hear from you. Yes, someone mentioned you were in Wellington. It would be great to catch up some time. We had some great times a very long time ago. regards, Mike

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