Day 91: Poised in Mid-Air

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February 28th 2011
Published: February 28th 2011
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I spent today as Kevan's guest. I rested until early afternoon, when I went swimming again. This time I tried to swim in the main pool, which meant that a lifeguard had to lower me into the water in a pneumatically lifted chair.

The chair was, it said, rated to 250 kg., but it stuck two-thirds of the way up when they tried to lift me out. I was stuck there for at least five minutes, with my feet dangling, which, after about a minute, hurt my thigh muscles a bit.

The first lifeguard called a second lifeguard, which did very little good, though the second lifeguard was able to raise the chair manually a few inches. The two of them called an older person, presumably the manager, but just as he arrived the chair suddenly began working again, and I found myself gliding smoothly back to the verge of the pool.

I don't think i'll try it again.


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