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August 25th 2011
Published: August 25th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

I finally landed in Auckland after a 9.5-hour flight from Singapore. In total, my travel time was around 14.5 hours after transit time and connecting flight, which is still much shorter than travel to US. I had a pretty restless sleep on board the plane. I slept right after dinner but I kept waking up a lot throughout the night. The dude in front of me had some issues with his seat (or what?) but he moved back to sit with me from time to time. Airplane food was okay... Jetstar has a lot of Japanese flight attendants.

I am now in the Auckland Public library. So far, I have opened a bank account (have to make appointment to do so), applied for a tax number, bought a backpackers card and am now trying to decide on a prepaid sim card to buy.

The city is like that loh... seems very similar to Melbourne and Sydney but the difference is that people are actually much friendlier here. The rugby world cup (Sept 9th) will start soon and you can see that the city is really getting into that.

Today I just need to go home to my cousin's place and crash. It has been a tiring day. Check-in soon with more exciting stories to share I suppose.


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