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February 7th 2013
Published: February 8th 2013
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06-07/02/13 - Set off for Shakespeare Regional Park 1st thing which is on the end of the Whangaparaoa Peninsular, only a short drive and we very soon had a wet on the go with everything set up after only half an hour.

The northern part of the peninsular is New Zealand Defence Force Land used by the Army and Navy. There are still pillboxes and anti tank trenches left here from the Second World War. A beach on that side is called Army Bay.

Walked the Tiritiri Trek, which at only two hours was more than enough in the heat and with the climbs involved. Fantastic views taking in the park, Tiritiri Matangi Island and Rangitoto Island. Cooled off in Te Haruhi Bay after. From the water looking back you see a sandy beach, beyond which is the campsite, and the Hibiscus coastline of the park, look due south and about 20k away across the sea the Auckland skyline. After a few hours on the beach I was properly cooked. Apparantly it was only twenty one degrees. However I've never experienced a heat like it. Mick reckons that the ozone is less protective here and therefore the sun is much more intense. Whatever the reason it's bloody hot!

The site filled up a bit but there was none of the crowding I've experienced in other countries. A family pitched up near us with all the gear. A huge sleeping tent, a marquee style tent with netted sides as living quarters including inflatable armchairs and another marquee tent as an eating/cooking area. The wife was doing well as I'd seen her do most of the pitching up and she had a cast on her leg!

It's Waitangi Day and a large family/friends group of Maoris pitched up during the day. Obviously enjoying themselvs - BBQ and music on the go.

Didn't feel the love from the family with all the gear, during the set up the husband has a mini rant "What are we supposed to do the dishes with? We've got no washing up liquid!" Go to a shop and buy some maybe? As early evening approaches husband and wife are obviously having a heart to heart, he says "You don't really like camping any more do you" followed shortly by "I can take you back to Auckland now if you want" I reckon that marriage has gone on one camping trip too many! As for the rest I'm just enjoying being outside soaking up the scenery as well as a cold beer.

As the sun sets the drop in temperature in noticeable so more layers are needed and for Mick this includes a Snowman Tea Cosey! Unbeknown to us that night the whole of the East coast was under a tsunami warning! Apparantly there had been tremors in the Solomons. We'd have definitely been wiped out as we were no more than 40 meters from the water front. Ignorance is bliss!

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