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Oceania » Marshall Islands November 26th 2017

My two years working at the American Consulate in Guangzhou, China is complete. I am off to new adventures at a new location. I am now working at the US Army Missile Test Range on the island of Kwajalein in The Republic of the Marshall Islands. My living arrangements on Kwajalein compared to Guangzhou has been greatly reduced. I have a small kitchenette, living room, bedroom and bath. The total square footage I now have is about the size of the living room that I had. But all is good! Fantastic meals are provided at the cafeteria, and there is a Subway and Burger King available for those times one wishes to have an alternate meal. My new job title is Custodial Lead. It keeps me very busy 5+ days a week. Inspecting cleaning done by ... read more
Marshall Islands - Nov. 2017
Marshall Islands - Kwajalein - Nov. 2017
Marshall Islands - Kwajalein - Nov. 2017

Oceania » Marshall Islands » Majuro February 20th 2011

Sunday 20.2 Eneko, Majuro Atol, Marshall Islands, Pacific Ocean The Robert Reimers Tide Table Restaurant is great. It is at the RRE hotel where we are staying - everybody do. Not much is happening in Majuro, but much seems to have changed since the 2003 Moon handbook where it was described as a 'slum' - it is not. Everybody on these islands speaks English, but still, it is obvious that it is not their first language. We ordered oatmeal for Johanne, but got cornflakes, which she tried to make us accept. Something similar happened to a woman at the next table. Most visitors here are on business, it seemed we were the only tourists here. It was mostly clouded today, but we were still looking much forward to the trip to Eneko – one of the ... read more
Johanne snorkeling

Oceania » Marshall Islands » Majuro September 16th 2009

Majuro, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the flagship, Richard Byrd. It's continuing mission, to explore strange, new islands... to care for people and animals and to boldly go where no Supply Officer has gone before. Okay, that was a little dramatic, you catch my drift. My final place to enjoy my Veterinary experience... I truly don't want it to end. Who says the Army, Navy, Air Force and Public Health Service can't work together? They should have seen all the fun we had! As the last stop, my boss was really great about letting me go out every day with the team. I really didn't have much else to do, so he was happy to accommodate. Thank goodness for my great boss, because this turned out to be the spot where I got ... read more
So Many Cuties!
Cleaning Instruments

Oceania » Marshall Islands » Majuro September 12th 2009

Who has heard of the Marshall Islands? You? Really?!? I had no idea about them, but apparently one of the islands has an Army base on it. It's called Kwajalein. So, this blog happens to say Majuro, Kwaj (as we called it) isn't listed. Jay had been there many times and was able to tell me about the great diving they have there. There is a large stray population and he occasionally goes out to make a difference. Oh, and there are also some military families and contractors with animals that he can see as well. I must say, it was such a bizarre thing to see the Army having ships, but they did! The pilot that came on board to get us into the atoll was an Army gal, dressed in khaki shorts and a ... read more
Looks like Paradise
Sharks off the Dock
A Little Feeding Frenzy

Oceania » Marshall Islands » Majuro August 8th 2007

I had another opportunity to visit the Marshall Islands in August for the Pacific Power Association's Annual Conference. Doesn't sound like a holiday, does it? Well, yes, it was mainly work but there was time for a little hanging around on the beach too. As there always is when you are on a pacific island! The occasion was a networking picnic - or whatever you would like to call it. The substance of the matter was that we all headed out to the other side of the atoll - the side with no roads, no houses, no people, lots of palm trees, lots of sand and lots of sparking blue clear water. For the whole day. It actually took a good 30 minutes to get around the atoll. As soon as we got there, I grabbed ... read more
Atoll islet
Those clear blue waters
The snorkelling was great

Oceania » Marshall Islands July 6th 2007

After a wonderfully pleasant stop-over in sunny Hawaii, I arrived in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, in the capital of Majuro to be precise, to be greeted by torrential rain. Hang-on a minute, I thought, aren't I still pretty close to the Equator? Where's the sun? Nevermind, I knew my visit was going to be short and mainly work related, so I didn't have high hopes of seeing the sights this time round. And I was right. Apart from being put off by frequent and substantial bouts of tropical rain, I was in and out of offices for most of the first four days, with hardly a chance to poke my nose outdoors in between. At least I had been recommended a very good hotel to stay in, Robert Reimers, which was excellent. The best ... read more
Bikini atoll Town Hall
Big blue colourful fish

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