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Oceania » Guam » Tamuning December 28th 2013

White sand and turquoise blue waters are two of the many adjectives that best describe Guam's beaches. Scattered around the island, the beaches of Guam are so inviting that any traveler cannot resist the desire to partake of this nature's gifts. I was one of those who have been passing by these beaches and never tried a picnic. But one Saturday afternoon, my family decided that we better go to the beach and have a picnic. We selected Ypao Beach. Governor Flores Beach and Park is the new name of Ypao Beach. It is located on the Tumon Tourists and Entertainment Strip. The beachfront occupies a long stretch of white sand beach. Several meters from the beachfront, moving inland, are line of hotels and restaurants, gift shops and duty-free shops. The beach is the place to ... read more

Oceania » Guam » Tamuning December 25th 2013

Guam island is the biggest of the Micronesian and Marianas group of islands and islets which is located in the Pacific Ocean. It's nearest neighbor to the west is the Philippines and to the east are Hawaii and the French Polynesian group of islands. Thus, making social and cultural interactions highly possible before the colonization of Spain. As a territory of the United States, Guam shares popularity with Saipan, Tinian and Rota not only as a military base but as an island with white beaches and crystal clear water. When I spent my vacation on Guam, I discovered that it is fitted for a traveler with an adventurous spirit. Guam has one of the best dive sites in the world. Water sports like parasailing, surfing, kite boarding and others are tourists' favorites and they enjoyed the ... read more

Oceania » Guam » Tamuning December 12th 2013

Every time I passed by the long Marine Corps Drive, my attention was always caught by the hillside along the road. From that hillside, there are trees and tall buildings which can be seen from the distance, mostly hotels along the Tumon Tourists and Entertainment Strip. That slope is surrounded by a fence and from the road I saw the roofless structure painted red and gold. I got an inkling that it must be a park. I later on learned that it was, indeed, the Chinese Garden. Since it is hidden from the view of people driving their cars along the Marine Corps Drive, I decided that I should visit it one day. After driving my granddaughter Emi to the day care, his father took me to the gas station where the Chinese Garden is just ... read more

Oceania » Guam » Tamuning December 7th 2013

In one of my wanderings here on Guam, I saw the beautiful beaches and beachfronts that made this island popular among tourists and locals who love to soak themselves in the water anytime of the day. Beaches on Guam are free. I mean, you do not need to pay an entrance fee to use the beaches. I mentioned this because there are beach resorts in my country, the Philippines, where you cannot enjoy the beach if you will not pay the entrance fee. From the list of these beaches on Guam, one place stood out and I wish to revisit it the second time. The last time I was at Inarajan, I just sat on the bench and watch the tourists and locals enjoy the pool. This time, my family was with me and I thought ... read more

Oceania » Guam » Tamuning December 1st 2013

In the early 70s I was with a group of students who went to Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines, to visit Ferdinand Magellan's monument. He was sort of VIP in our history class because he discovered the Philippines. We enjoyed this educational trip even if we were also looking for Lapu-Lapu's Monument and there was none. In the succeeding years, this lack of honor for Lapu-Lapu caught the attention of local historians, educators and officials of government. Lapu-Lapu does not have any structure built to honor him, or anything named after him except that very edible and expensive fish that was served in first class restaurants around the country. That fish is Lapu-Lapu. Following those years, Lapu-Lapu was the face on a One-Centavo Coin widely circulating in the Philippines. Still the locals felt that it was such ... read more

Oceania » Guam » Tamuning November 28th 2013

After celebrating All Souls Day in the Philippines and visiting the graves of my parents, I decided to go to Guam for the holidays with my children and grandchildren. The early morning flight which happened to be at 7:35 a.m. Manila time, means that I have to wake up at 3:00 o'clock in the morning and be ready to go to the airport an hour later. There were few cars on the road that early morning which made the trip to the airport a bit fast. After the check-in and passing through the immigration and strict airport security, I waited for the aircraft at the pre-departure area. The flight takes about three hours and thirty minutes to Guam. Breakfast was soon served and I went to sleep most of the time. When I arrived on Guam, ... read more

Oceania » Guam » Tamuning November 10th 2013

Hello :) I'm just getting around to writing my Guam travel blog….it's been very busy at work since we got back and it's the first chance I've had. In fact, I'm only allowed to do it as a treat for writing loads of reports yesterday! That's how exciting my life has been for the last 2 weeks! So, Guam! We had a bit of a rush to the airport (standard) as we went to see Rachel's Teaching Assistant Annie on her wedding day first. She was getting married at 5pm, which we didn't know when we booked our flight for 8pm (we presumed it was going to be a bit earlier) so we couldn't stay for the whole thing, but we saw her in her 'bridal room' before the actual ceremony, gave our gifts and left! ... read more
The beach
Rachel in the sunset
Great sunset!

Oceania » Guam » Tamuning January 15th 2013

I am sure you'll find people scanning this piece that happen to be wondering, "Where is Guam?" For all those people I am going to begin with letting them know that Guam is actually a Pacific Island located about a few hours journey coast of Japan. The native inhabitants are Tano and Chamorro. Guam concerns an 18-hour flight away, which happens to be broken into segments which will take you can either through Honolulu or Japan. In any case, we do hope you are lucky enough to get a flight that will permit you to definitely enjoy either place. However you arrive, Guam is certainly worth thetrip. People primarily journey to Guam for military purposes. There's an... read more

Oceania » Guam » Yona June 19th 2012

Tamuning, Guam Guam is an unincorporated territory of the US located in the Western Pacific Ocean. The people there call theirselves Philippines. Also know as Guamanians or Chamorro. I had the pleasure to attend a barbeque and experience the Chamorro Dance which is their cultural expression. Beauiful place. Hope you enjoy the pictures.... read more
View from the Westin
Breathtaking sunset

Oceania » Guam » Barrigada March 13th 2012

We arrived in Denpensar at around 9pm without too much hassle, made our way to our accommodations in Kuta and had a lovely sleep. Next morning we were up and getting served free breakfast before heading up to Singaraja to stay with a friend if René's family, Esa. We decided to take the local transport which ended up working quite well and saved us about $25, and this was with buying the whole back seat for added comfort. We arrived and were welcomed into Esa's home. They had a separate suite for us with a fridge stocked with beer (they don't drink so it was a particularly kind gesture). We settled in then Esa drove us to Lovina Beach to check it out. After that we stopped at some local fruit stands where we bought some ... read more
First night in Bali
Temple near Singaraja

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