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March 13th 2012
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We arrived in Denpensar at around 9pm without too much hassle, made our way to our accommodations in Kuta and had a lovely sleep. Next morning we were up and getting served free breakfast before heading up to Singaraja to stay with a friend if René's family, Esa.

We decided to take the local transport which ended up working quite well and saved us about $25, and this was with buying the whole back seat for added comfort. We arrived and were welcomed into Esa's home. They had a separate suite for us with a fridge stocked with beer (they don't drink so it was a particularly kind gesture). We settled in then Esa drove us to Lovina Beach to check it out. After that we stopped at some local fruit stands where we bought some lychees and some other delicious fruits that I can't remember the names of.

Over the next few days we visited some temples, Git Git falls and some other local attractions before we were on our way to the Gili Islands. We stayed on the biggest of the three islands called Gili Trawangan. We arrived by fast boat and walked down the main drag to find some accommodations, and after five minutes or so we came across a place that was a decent price and looked okay. We went out for lunch, came back and had a nap then went out for dinner. We eventually came back and fell asleep until around midnight when René wakes me up saying "there're bedbugs, we have to get out of here". Apparently he had felt them crawling on him then turned on the light to find them crawling all over the bed. It was disgusting!! He went and got the guy from the front and told him we need a different place to stay. The lame wad suggested he could put a mattress on the floor for us, but by this point we had our bags on and were walking out the door. He found us another place that didn't have bugs, then after convincing him we weren't paying the new place full price and him half price we were left to check our stuff for stowaways. Three and a half hours roll by (it's 4am at this point) and we've finally finished checking every inch of our things, only to find five bugs. Luckily we had kept our stuff on the shelf for the most part and not on the floor because I'm sure we would have had many more with us. What was also lucky is we weren't really bitten too much, if at all (it's hard to tell because they look like mosquito bites) We got a restless sleep constantly checking for bugs in the bed and woke up exhausted in the morning to get some breakfast. After that it was check #2 which took 2.5h and yielded one bug. Little shit. Anywho, while this was not ideal it was certainly an improvement.

After this we went for a walk around the island. On our trek we came across a nice little accommodation that was only built 5 months ago. It was clean, had AC (as opposed to just the fan), the bathroom had a full roof (considering it's the wet season this is pretty useful), and it was the same price as the current place we were in. We finished our walk, got our stuff from the other place and moved in. First order of business was to check our stuff again to make sure we weren't going to infest the nice place. This time it took 1.5h and no bugs!!! Yay!!! We were able yo relax a lot more.

Maybe it was the fact that the bed bugs were becoming just a good travel story, or maybe it was the fact that this room actually let in natural light, regardless we certainly felt more energetic and able to do activities. We started off the next day with surf lessons that went quite well, then did some snorkeling with tons of beautiful fish and sea turtles (this island has a sanctuary where they get turtle eggs from the beach and keep them until they're one year then release them to the wild). The best part about this snorkeling is we paid $3 for a mask, snorkel and fins then just walked into the water from the beach. Some of the best snorkeling I've seen. We stayed for another few days where, between the bouts of pouring rain, we entertained ourselves with more surf lessons, getting my hair braided and just hanging out in the gazebos by the beach.

Once past the bed bugs we really enjoyed ourselves on this island. Needless to say we now check every mattress for bugs before sleeping in it.

Next we took a 4 day 3 night boat trip to Flores with some snorkeling stops and a trek to see Komodo dragons.

I'll upload other pictures when I get to a computer and please ignore the location of the blog. I'm not in Guam, the site is just being dumb on my phone.

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