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Oceania » French Polynesia » Maupiti September 25th 2018

My second stop was an island called Maupiti - they call it Bora Bora's little sister, as it's a neighbor island with a similar (smaller) size/shape. It's also described as Bora Bora from 50 years ago - before the resorts/tourists arrived. The residents of the island watched how Bora Bora changed over time, and decided it wouldn't happen to their island, so have collectively decided not to allow tourist development. As a visitor, you can stay in one of a handful of homestays or a few places with a couple of beach huts. There are a few restaurants and a couple of small shops, most homestays include at least breakfast/dinner with your stay. In my trip planning, this sounded perfect to me, and I spent longer here than any other island. It was absolutely beautiful. You ... read more
Flying over Bora Bora on the way to Maupiti
Welcome floral necklace
The "dance" the first evening

Oceania » French Polynesia » Maupiti February 19th 2015

10 days in French Polynesia. Wow, now who could complain about that! There were hikes in the Orofero valley on the main island of Tahiti, mountain silhouette views of the sleeping pregnant woman off our Huahine beach, and playful forays in the sparkling coral reefs around Maupiti. The days were hot, sticky, and flirting between crystal sunshine and varying intensities of rainfall. In search of both adventure and relaxation, we chose islands a bit off the beaten path. Once out of Tahiti, a 40 minute flight landed us on beautiful Huahine whose gentle people were quick to laugh and admit that more than a few of them were still hoping for independence from both France and Tahiti. Thanks to the benevolence of France and the retention of family land, residents here enjoy a good life. Fresh ... read more
Maupiti views
Huahine lagoon views
Fare Suisse

Oceania » French Polynesia » Maupiti February 1st 2014

French Polynesia brings up images of blue water, white beaches and green palms. With places like Tahiti, Bora Bora and a lot of atolls we expected the ultimate holiday paradise when we planned our mid-trip “vacation” here, and this far we have not been disappointed. The only trouble we have had is sometimes with getting understood as many people speak no English, so I guess we need to start working on our French to make future trips smoother. ;) It is the perfect place for a beach and snorkeling holiday, if you have other plans, well, go somewhere else! We arrived in the middle of the night to Faaā airport at Tahiti. We had our luggage at around 2 AM, and after checking the price for the nearby hotels (expensive!) we decided to roll out our ... read more
Maupiti - a view from the Mountain
Maupiti - climbing the Mountain
Maupiti - boats

Oceania » French Polynesia » Maupiti January 26th 2011

Bonjour! Ia orana! Nice mix of French and Maori. What can I say about the beauty of this place?... read more
Dance Show
Point in Moora

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