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Oceania » Fiji April 21st 2006

Friday April 21st Bula from Fiji! Today we got up early and went off to a place called Bouma Falls. Bouma Falls is in Waitubu Marine Park, which is a marine reserve in Fiji set up about 15 years ago to preserve the fish and the reefs here. There is no fishing in the park, just snorkeling and diving. So we get on the road around 8 am, we’re off to an early start, as Kirk has diving lessons at 1 pm. Our guide watalki lives a few doors down the street, and he’s great, giving us great info on the areas we visit, as well as driving us everywhere. We drive up the coast about 40 minutes to the park entrance. The first falls is about a 10 minute walk from the road, not very ... read more
bouma's first waterfall
enjoying the view
what a view

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Coral Coast » Mango Bay April 20th 2006

Hello everyone! Ahhhh internet at last that seems to work semi decently! And this is the most communication I have had since I got here! Bula!!!friends, family home and away. This one has landed in the lusturous land of white sand beaches and kava! Last country to stay as well so rather monumental when you think about it! I got here saturday and settled rather nicely into my double room ensuite, with ocean views. I checked in just as the sun was setting and I must say after the hectic day I had arriving to that was breathtaking! Leaving Christchurch was a mission! I must say... Got up and had to check out of Base an hour before everyone else because it was easter and for some strange reason they needed the beds on floor one ... read more
Mango Bay

Oceania » Fiji April 20th 2006

Thursday April 20th Bula from Fiji! Today is dive day! And the weather looks great! The dive master came over to the house at 9 this morning to pick us up, and we’re off to jewel bubbles divers. This company is locally owned which is nice. They really know the sites around here very well. They’re also a very much hands on operation, they setup all the gear for ya, basically you have to sit on the side of the boat, they’ll put on your gear and you jump in. There is no cleaning of reg’s, or cleaning bcd’s they do all that. Best of all because this was my first dive since we did checkouts in October 04. I got to dive with the owner of the company, the head dive master, also Kirk’s instructor. ... read more
our divemaster has the best seat on the boat
getting closer

Oceania » Fiji April 19th 2006

Wednesday April 19th Bula from Fiji! Rain Rain Rain! Holy molly it rained last night and this morning… it rained like I’ve never seen ever before, I mean rain that flooded roads, did massive erosion to some of the beaches, turned all the water around this island a dirty brown colour. Unfortunately in the next village over from us a child playing in the river got washed away, and died  The rain started last night around midnight and didn’t stop until around noon today. When we got up we knew right away that we weren’t going diving today, although Kirk did. Our plans got cancelled cuz of the weather, but they started him on his padi open water course. The guys running the show down at jewel divers came by and picked him up around ... read more
paulina and shorty
paulina and pepe
shorty and pepe

Oceania » Fiji » Suva April 19th 2006

We made it! Two weeks after Ed jetted off to Fiji, I’d finished my uni assignments, got my travel insurance, bought my flippers and snorkel and did all those thousand other things you tend to leave until the last minute before heading overseas, and finally I was on an aeroplane approaching Nadi, Fiji. My first experience of Fiji time was as soon as I arrived at the airport, as Ed wasn’t there yet. His 45 minute trip to the airport had turned into 3 and half hours on the local buses, but luckily he arrived there soon after I did. Several sweaty hours in a couple of local buses and a taxi later (accompanied by a soundtrack of UB40 the whole way), we arrived at Voli Voli Beach Resort on the north of the island, to ... read more

Oceania » Fiji April 18th 2006

Tuesday April 18th Bula from Fiji! Today we were supposed to do a snorkeling trip to Qamea Island with Maureen and Sireli. We got up fairly early, around 7 am, for an 8 am departure. Turns out if was raining a bit, and a little windy. So we waited a bit, till around 9 or so, and just as we set out in the boat the downpour happened! It really looked like we were headed to isla sorna, and if we went any further Wes would have been lost to a teradactyl. For the first time it actually felt cold here, which seemed strange, as the days have been around 90 degrees in the sun. Anyhow, we called off the trip, but will try again later. We settled for just watching the kids from our gazebo, ... read more
hunting for crabs

Oceania » Fiji April 17th 2006

Monday April 17th Today was a lazy day, just sitting around and hanging out in and around the house. Jason, Wes & Kirk went out with Sireli and Maureen on their boat and did some snorkeling around Honeymoon Island. This island is leased by a resort here, and basically there is a small grass hut, and a toilet there. Apparently honeymooners go to this island for 3 to 4 hours to get away from things  Anyhow Jason and the kids were snorkeling around the island and there were a couple on it; I’m not sure if they were disturbed. The snorkeling was quite good, with lots of colourful coral, and fish, they even saw a big moral eel. On the way out there was a pod of dolphins that they went through. The dolphins like ... read more
wes snorkeling
lots of fish

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands April 16th 2006

Its been a while once again since we have done a blog. Latest news is that we are both doing well and are now in America, writing this at a small hostel in China town in San Fransisco which is a great city but enough of America as this blog is about Fiji! Just a shout out to Jon here, hope Sydney is going ok mate! Missing you loads. After working in New Zealand and meeting up with Kim, Jon and Ben again, we were both excited to be going to Fiji. The flight we got over there was excellent. We actually were on the maiden flight of one of Air New Zealands new planes we found out after reading about it in the paper in Fiji. Arriving at the airport the plane was given a ... read more
Lifes a beach!!
lobsters on south beach mon!
The guys

Oceania » Fiji April 16th 2006

Sunday April 16th Happy Easter Everyone! Bula from Fiji! Good thing Wes is feeling better today, which is really nice, as there really aren’t any amenities here. Bad thing is I’ve got the bug that’s been going around here, first Jason, then Kirk, Wesley & now me. Jason took the kids and 2 dogs out snorkeling first thing today, and apparently saw quite a lot off our beach. The dogs were out there swimming for almost 2 hours. The short one, “shorty” gets tired a little faster than “pepe” and likes to go on people’s backs. He hitched a ride on Jason’s and kirks back on the way back to the beach. Really quite a site! Jason also decided to give his back some sun, and that was a bad move, as he got too much ... read more
kirk paulina and pepe
shortys couch

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands April 16th 2006

Lucky Lucky Man We were glad to see the back of Los Angeles. Not just because i lost my passport, vaccination records, international drivers licence, airline tickets, camera, mp3 player, travel towel, etc......... (which was returned by a Bolivian bloke called Hose - who found my bag on a the tickets..saw i was leaving for Fiji the next day..phoned the British Embassy...drove an hour from his house to meet us...returned the bag with ALL its contents..gave us a lift back to Hollywood!!! What a nice man he was too! Completely restored my faith in people!!) .....but also because we didn't particulariy like LA!! Lots and lots of nutters, horrible bus rides (again full on nutters), didn't feel safe anywhere, Hollywood is scabby, lots of pollution, etc, etc...We had driven 1900 miles since San fran, we ... read more
..a desert Island
The Blue Lagoon
Beach Party

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