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Oceania » Fiji April 15th 2006

Saturday April 15th Bula from Fiji What a nite. Just after dinner last night Wes got really really sick, like sick as I’ve never seen him, and we’re in the middle of nowhere, having to catch planes etc. At about 10 pm it all started, not stopping until 4 am. He was throwing up every 10 minutes. By the end of it he was really dehydrated, and guess what we’ve got a plane to catch at 8 am. We all getup and get ready for the 7 am shuttle to the airport, but when we get down there guess what, it’s full…grrr… so we grab a cab, not knowing how Wes is gonna manage. The airport is 10 minutes away which is nice, and it’s not that busy. So we grab our tickets, everyone gets weighed ... read more
Little Plane...Big Runway
kirk looking worried
paulina enjoying the view

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi April 14th 2006

Friday April 14th OI from OZ Happy Good Friday Early start today from Cairns, as we’re going to Fiji. Kirk is sick today and tossing which really sucks cuz we’re flying. We ordered a wakeup call at 6, but don’t get one, thankfully our alarm clock woke us up. After getting showered and ready we go get a cab to bring us to the airport. It’s a short ride, maybe 10 minutes, and we get checked in. Kirk runs off to the bathroom to toss. I can tell this isn’t going to be a fun day. Our flight was supposed to be for 10:30, but got changed to 7:30. Our flight out of Brisbane is at 3:30, so we now have a long stopover. We check our bags and board the plane, just as we’re taking ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi April 11th 2006

BULA EVERYBODY!!!!! This is the second blog update in just a few days so if you haven’t read our previous blog (about Hollywood etc) it would be better to do that first. For those of you who don’t know, Fiji is about 3 hours flight north of the top of New Zealand. It is part of the commonwealth and is governed by 14 paramount chiefs, one of whom is selected to run the islands. There are two main islands and nearly 400 more that make up what is known as Fiji. We arrived from LA about 5.30am into Nadi airport, which is on the largest island - Viti Levu. We then went straight to Robinson Crusoe Island where we spent the next few days. Its about 30 min boat ride from the coast but at low ... read more
Robinson Crusoe Island
Sunset on the Island

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi April 10th 2006

Arrived and stayed for 2 nights at the Mercure Nadi. Booked in for 7 nights to Sonaisali. A real luxury as we haven't stayed longer than 3 nights anywhere since Sydney! Arrived and we got upgraded to a beach view buri - really nice! Deborah rode a horse for the first time!! Went sea kayaking. Just generally relaxed, read books and enjoyed being in the same place! Then stayed for four nights at the Mamanuca island resort of Treasure Island. ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands April 7th 2006

Greetings blogger buddies from the islands of fiji, home to white sandy beaches and crystal blue seas. Well actually we are in new zealand now, but we were there for the last week. Spent a couple of days on the main island but then took the ferry out to some of the remote, northen islands. Here we chilled, basically. Lots of snorkelling, hammocking and other forms of lying in the sun. Was amazing, absolutely stunning scenery and brilliant people, both the fijians and the other travellers. Here are some more piccies to feed your insatiable piccie appetites. love love xxxxxxxxxx P.s, if you don't comment you are a five star loser.... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi April 6th 2006

Hey everyone. Sorry about not updating for a while, the net access in Fiji was dodgy in Nadi and nonexistent on the island I went to (more about that later). I'm actually posting this from my uncle's house in New Zealand. After rather cool weather in LA the air in Fiji hit like a hammer along with a loud "Bula!" from the airport staff. This is 3AM and it's very hot. Driving through Nadi and sweating, things don't seem that great in Fiji. Nadi looks run down and charmless and after a quick look around the place I'm staying shows nothing special. Since I was tired I just fell asleep on my bunk and (after waking up with bites on my feet the next morning- mosquitos are everywhere in Fiji) arranged for immediate transfer to an ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands April 6th 2006

Arrived in Fiji on Thurs 30 March to absolutely peeing down rain, but it was hot so who cares?! Greeted at the airport by Fijian musicians which brightened things up considerably and got me in Fiji mode straight away. Transferred to a hotel in Nadi for the evening and with ten minutes the mozzies had got me the gits. Jenn and I donned our cozzies and jumped in the pool, swam a few token lengths and then lounged there supping bubbly - well why not?! Picked up by an Octopus Resort driver on Friday and taken to the marina where we caught the resort boat to Waya island, which is one of the first in the chain of the Yasawas. The rain had gone overnight, the sky was blue and the sun was shining and on ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands April 3rd 2006

Our last Island that we had the chance to visit, was the famous Bounty Island. There have been a few TV Shows that have been filmed here. It was such a relaxed but also very busy party Island. There was singing and dancing, the biggest buffet meal so far and also desert and there was also a swimming pool and a pool table. What a great time. to our dissapointment we were only here for that night, but it was a great night, that was for sure. They had great cocktails and not to meantion CHEAP too. We headed to our rooms and to our surprise we had AIR CONDITIONING .... Yip that is right, the best thing you could have in your room in Fiji, we also had a fridge with ice cold water too. ... read more
Yasawa Islands - Bounty
Yasawa Islands - Bounty- huts
Yasawa Islands - Bounty- Cruise

Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Nadi April 2nd 2006

Ja da har jeg vaert paa Fiji i noeyaktig en uke, har to dager igjen naa foer jeg legger veien tilbake til Australia og Airlie Beach mest sannsynlig. Vi har faatt opplevd Fiji baade paa godt og vondt, men mest godt, har hatt det veldig fint her:) Det er en del aa skrive saa tror jeg tar det dag for dag saa sant jeg husker riktig da...: Da jeg kom ut av flyet oppaget jeg til min store forskrekkelse at jeg ikke hadde dekning paa verken den norske eller den australske mobilen min. Hvordan skulle jeg faa tak i Kine, Signe og Ida? Nadi (byen der jeg landet) er ikek byen til aa andre rundt alene jente, det skjoente jeg ganske fort. Heldigvis hadde jentene vaert saa lure og snille at de moette meg paa flyplassen ... read more
Kine og Mari
meg og Kine

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands April 1st 2006

Kuata was our 3rd island that we visited on our trip around the Yasawa Islands. i found that is Island was more filled of the younger generation and the younger families of Fiji, rather than the older generation. We arrived in the evening and myself and Mandy climbed the sumit to see the sunset. It as a little cloudy but not too bad. Great exercise. our living qauters were great ... well great in the fact that we had our own bathroom... it was great. No more sharded facilites. There were a great range of activies that we were able to do on this Island. We had Jet skiing, caving diving, snorkling with reef sharks and much more. we spent most of our days sunbathing and snorkling.... it was great. We were here for 2 nights ... read more
Kuata - sumit
Kuata - sumit

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