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October 22nd 2006
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We spent the last couple of nights on South Sea Island where we did the usual sunbathe, snorkel and sleep. We said our goodbyes to everyone and its back to me, Rob and Emma. We went out for some hand- line fishing which was a good laugh although i haven't caught much so far. We also had a good laugh in the evening with the odd drinking game.
I'v put some more photos off the islands and beaches we have seen along the way. The one on the main page is south sea island and is the smallest of them all. It takes about 2 minutes to walk around.
I also forgot to mention in the last blog that we did caving. You have to swim under and through the rocks to get to the next room. Hope you like the photos, I'l put another blog on soon

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fiji islandfiji island
fiji island

fishing trip- i didn't catch anything- must have been poor bate

Results from fishing: England 1 fish, Canada 0 fish, Greece 0 fish, New Zealand 1 fish and fiji 2 fish

24th October 2006

yo yo
wots on boyo having fun in bali i hope.cant believe you saw a manta ray. bloody cool.were havin a great time here.been 4x4 drivin on frazer island and going sailing in whitsundays tomorrow.met some cool people along the you better have boned one of the birds cheers matty
25th October 2006

So fiji is a must then?
Ah you sound like ya having a wicked time mate. Bin tryin to email you but it doesnt work. so do you reckon I should go to fiji then? check out my blog matey its a shame you didnt have more time. love ya benje
15th November 2006

Hey, How's it going? Tried to email you some photos from Auckland but the address you gave me came back as failed (?) Mine is or you can find my travel stuff at ( i think) Should have those photos posted on that site soon. In San Fran at the moment having been to LA and Las Vegas (crazy place) but the poker was great! So you at home then? How's real life treating you? Well give me a shout if you want those photos, I'd really like to get yours but this site dosen't let you copy them (boo) Hope you're well e x
23rd November 2006

hey tom its char! u shud u let me and jen take me out wen u get bak! looks like ur having a great time. give me an email some time if ur free at wud be really lovely to hear from u! keep enjoyin urself, charlotte xxx

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