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June 26th 2006
Published: June 26th 2006
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Wellwe hav jjust returned from the six day trip around the yasawa islands and it has been really good.... if not a lliittle unexpected. We cruised out llaast tuesdaay and arrived by catamarin at the first islannd where we were transported by a tin bathh type boat to the island, and basically had to get off knee deep in the ssea! The hostel had no hoht water electrivcity or lights in aany of the toilets, and there were creepy crawlies everywheree!!! it was a bit of a shock, buyt amasing never the less. We relaxed on the beach and then haddinner and played bingo. its really interactitve with other people aswell. then travelled to about 5 other islands, not got ttime to ffo into it yet, as we are at the airport.

we hae too geett off the plane at LA and claim baaggge go through about four secxruty checks before we can board to go to london., all in 45 minutes, i think not. so mum and dad, expect a phone clal saying we aave been delayed duee to missing the flighht. So 20 hours of flying ahead of us - wooohoooo! free ba take advantage and then we are home

So wwill do another blog when we ge thome, or could wait until we see everyone, who knows!

See you all soon.



26th June 2006

welcome home
I cannot believe that you are back (so soon!). Welcome home - hope to see you soon
26th June 2006

Hey!!!! I can't believe you're on your way back already!!!! Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime and I will expect several days worth of photos to see when I see you guys! Have fun on the flight and...welcome home!!!! : ) Lots of love, Jojo and Pete xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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