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August 20th 2007
Published: September 14th 2007
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Our next stop in the Yasawa Island group was a resort aptly named White Sandy Beach on the Island of Naviti. It was a great surprise to get an early visit at our dorm from Karen and Diana, who were staying at the plush Korovou Resort next door and had spotted us coming ashore.

Life on the islands was very relaxing. There's not too much to do apart from swim and snorkel in the sea, then siesta in the hammocks. It's been a great life here, zero stress with the only responsibility or deadline is in making sure that we're within ear-shot of the dinner-time drum, thats pounded to signal when food is ready. Most of the evenings are spent dancing the Bola!, which is effectively a Fijian version of The Macarena. Trung and I are now masters of these moves. We've also been limbo dancing, although i'll be the first to admit that I'm no natural.

Along with Karen and Diana, we also had the coincidental company of Steph, Naomi and Vicki from Sunrise so it was cool to be joined with sound familiar folks and not have to start again from the top to get to know
new people. At night, the bar would open until 12 and then the electricity would be cut and the lights would go out. The locals would light a bonfire at the beech to keep the party and conversation going and before we knew it, our time on Naviti had come to an end and it was time to chase the Yasawa Flyer once again. When we left the beech, the people of the resort gathered on the sand to sing a touching farewell song.

Our next stop took us to the small island of Kuata. When the Yasawa Flyer called out: "Kuata Natural Eco Resort", we soon realised that we were the only folk getting off. Reluctantly, we said our cheerio's to Karen, Kristina and Vicki who were heading to Bounty Island. As we climbed into our awaiting speed boat, we waved farewell, then sped off over the turquoise water with a couple of local dudes, slightly apprehensively given that the island looked deserted and cannabalism in Fiji was rife until only 150 years ago. As it turns out, we had to get to the resort a different way as the sea was too choppy in the regular drop off area. The weather was really taking a turn for the worse at Kuata which was a shame as we'd only checked in here for 1 night. It was all predictable stuff, a traditional island dance show with what appeared to be Fiji's answer to the Chippendales (the lass next to us was getting so worked up she dropped her drink - twice), dancing the Bula, drinking with the other hostelers until the electricity went 'click' and the lights went off.

That night, we used a collection of backpacker's mobile phones to light the way back to the 16 person mixed bure. I was a little tipsy so I considered checking my bed for any uninvited creepy crawlies but when I couldnt find my torch I just jumped in. Silly me as quite quickly, I developed that suspicious instinct or feeling that there was something else in that top bunk with me, under the mosquito net. I opened my eyes and could see the illumination from the girl's mobile phones in the room cast sillouettes on the walls and of something climbing quickly up the inside of the mosquito net. Large, with a black body. That was enough detail for me at that point so I asked for a light to confirm and then jumped out the bunk. As we peered up into the net, it turned out to be a massive moth and after a couple of shakes I managed to get this thing to move along. I climbed back up and with paranoia, was patting areas of my body at the slightest feeling for the next hour, almost convincing myself there were other insects still in there, waiting for me to fall asleep so they could eat me or something.

Alas, we made it through the night and got our backpacks ready to sail the rough seas to party island aka Beachcomber Resort.

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Another "Where's Wally?" ShotAnother "Where's Wally?" Shot
Another "Where's Wally?" Shot

This was the bed in Kuata with the giant beastie in it - yurgh!
The White Sandy MobThe White Sandy Mob
The White Sandy Mob

We spent 2 days wondering if the 4 lads on the left were 'ambiguous'. Diana's fault.

17th September 2007
Awesome awesome awesome... Those 4 lads do look a bit ambiguous. Keep your distance. :D I hope you guys survive the beasties!

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