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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island June 11th 2015

So we arrived in Nadi on the 20th May, we were greeted at the airport with Fijians singing and playing guitars giving us a big Bula welcome, (for those of you that haven't visited Fiji Bula means hello/welcome). When we arrived in Nadi city it wasn't the Fiji we were expecting because there was no crystal clear water or white sandy beach. Instead Nadi was very much the stopover city used when visiting the Yaswai Islands. Before we visited the Islands we decided to venture into Nadi and Lotoka city to experience the Fijian way of life, we travelled on a traditional Fijian bus with no windows. It was very bumpy but great to get involved in the culture. Lotoka was great, there were fresh fruit and fish markets and traditional shops to explore without any ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island February 22nd 2013

We managed to recruit lots of the newcomers at Nabua for the cave trip so we were able to go before our departure. Plus, it had stopped raining and blue skies had appeared. The boat ride up to the caves was about 40mins through some pretty exposed bits of sea up past Yasawa Island. A small group of tour guides greeted us and took us inside the caves. The water was cool and the limestone formation was pretty spectacular. To get to the second cave (the spitting cave) you have to swim underwater for a couple of metres and enter the pitch black cave. These caves were also used in the film Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields. After our lunch we boarded the long boat which took us over to the catamaran. Five and a half ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island February 21st 2013

Unfortunately we awoke to rain (it hadn't stopped all night!) and the forecast for the day wasn't great. We had booked onto the caves trip but a minimum of 5 guests from the local resorts are needed to run the trip and the rain had put everyone off so it was cancelled - hopefully more people will want to go tomorrow. So instead we decided to do the Nacula hike up into the hills. There were some great views from up there and the land really is untouched. After lunch 10 more guests arrived, along with 8 travel agents (resort inspection). The rain really started pouring down and so it was back to chess and basket weaving! Guess what - I beat James at chess for the first time ever! Dinner was fab, Nabua lodge serves ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island February 20th 2013

We didn't want to leave barefoot lodge this morning. We'd had such a good couple of days on the island but we were excited about seeing another island too. We boarded the large boat heading north, but encountered an engine failure about an hour from our destination! This meant a very slow cruising speed of 6 knots and a little longer than expected to get to our next resort - Nabua lodge. We'd come through a lot of rain on the boat and this continued for the whole day! I'm not gonna lie I started to get very bored this afternoon as the activities get a little limited in the pouring rain! The food at Nabua lodge has been great so far and best of all the local tea shop bought over some delicious chocolate orange ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island September 25th 2012

BULA!!! Saturday 22nd September - Tavewa Island (Coral View Resort) and the Blue Lagoon …continued… We were due to go snorkelling in the Blue Lagoon this afternoon but in the end decided to go to ‘Suntan Beach’ because we could only go at low tide. So Sarah, Brian, Sophie, Leonie (had met her on Bounty, she’d newly arrived on Coral View at lunchtime), Dominique, Marc (from our room) and I headed out in the boat across the lagoon. We were not sure where we were going and then we saw a little bar of sand in the distance about 100metres off the nearest beach. The boat dropped us off and we spent a lovely couple of hours relaxing and posing about for photos. It was such a nice spot, the bar got a little bigger but ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island September 21st 2012

Bula again! Wednesday 19th September – Bounty Island to Waya Lailai Island (Naqalia Resort) continued My worst fear (that I was going to be the only one there!) looked about to be realised as I was the only person on the boat to Naqalia Resort! The sea was rough today and it was a struggle to get off the big boat onto the little boat, I had to jump. I was soon reassured when the little boat driver told me we’d be 4 on the island tonight, that was ok J We sped along the coast of Waya Lailai, past one of the villages and the Waya Lailai Eco Resort. Naqalia was tucked away in its own little cove and they were singing a welcome song from the beach. I was given the warmest welcome and ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island April 29th 2012

Villages: Bula! (Hello!) We went to several villages on the cruise. To attend church, visit a school and have a feast We were asked to respect the culture by dressing modestly, covering shoulders and legs (to below the knee). Every visit included lots of singing and dancing and usually a handicraft market- at which we bought some lovely shell and coconut gifts (Neiria bought a rather fetching ankle bracelet) then we worried about bringing then back through biological security in New Zealand (you simply declare it). Everywhere you go, even on the ship there was the traditional "Sevusevu" ceremony, where like the Maori culture you are welcomed to the village declaring you come in peace. The appointed Western chief presents the kava which is a root of the pepper tree or yaqona to the village chief ... read more
Beach front at village
Taking in the washing
Arriving at school

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island September 15th 2011

Regretting the back-to-back-movie-and-tetris-athon that Richard Branson provided us with on our first leg of the flight, we briefly touched down in LA like zombies, our body clocks all over the shop. Unsuprisingly we were all asleep before take off for the LA- Nadi 10.5 hr journey and arrived in Fiji earrrrlllyy morning to some very cliche (but very welcoming) men in grass skirts playing the guitar and singing. We would soon learn that this would become an arrival gesture for each island we landed on (we were pros at the 'bula' dance after a couple of days). We were quickly briefed on the concept of 'fiji tiiiiimmmee' which basically means 'your boat may or may not arrive in plus or minus one hour from this time.' It's brilliant. Everyone is so chilled out which is very ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island August 27th 2011

Fiji Er zijn een aantal dingen die je moet weten als je naar Fiji gaat: Bula=Hallo, Vinaka=Bedankt en Fiji-time= alles gaat volgens de planning van de mensen, daar dus vaak niet op tijd! Aangekomen op het vliegveld kwamen we al direct in aanraking met de Fiji-Time. Onze pick-up naar het hostel bleek er niet te zijn. De vriendelijke mensen van het vliegveld wisten ons te vertellen dat ze vast wat later waren, maar nog wel zou komen! Wij dus wachten, maar na een uur wachten hadden we genoeg van de Fiji-time en hebben we toch maar een taxi gepakt (die het hostel betaald heeft). Het hostel zelf was prima, we kregen een upgrade vanwege de vergeten pick-up en we hadden heerlijk geslapen. De volgende ochtend viel eigenlijk maar 1 ding tegen… het weer! Het was namelijk ... read more
OP de boot naar de surfspots
Mooie golven

Oceania » Fiji » Yasawa Islands » Yasawa Island March 4th 2011

* Krystallklart og varmt vann. Masse fisker aa snorkle blandt! * Hyggelige og hjelpsomme mennesker. Jo lengre vi kom ut paa oyene jo mer aapne og interessert var de. * Masse sol og heldigvis noen skyer ut paa dagen. Solfaktor 30 pg 15 kom godt med. * God mat og deilig lokalt ol. * Kjell svomte med haier!! * Et herlig slaraffenliv. Da naermer vi oss slutten paa dette kontinentet - et fantastisk paradis bestaaende av vel 300 oyer; hvite strender, korallrev og krystallklart vann. Selv om det har vaert vel varmt, har det vaert en helt fantastisk opplevelse aa reise rundt fra oy til oy og oppleve deres saertrekk og egenarter. Naturen her er overveldende, og menneskene svaert hyggelige, de viser stor glede og humor baade med oss reisende og seg imellom. De viste oss ... read more
Soloppgang paa den forste palmeoya i Yawasawa - 5 t fra fastlandet
Stranden paa den forste resorten vi besokte - Coral View.
Velkomsten paa alle oyene var flott med masse sang, latter og gensidig glede

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