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February 19th 2010
Published: March 14th 2010
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Tuesday 9 February - Friday 19 February 2010

BULA everyone!!!!

From Australia we flew out to Fiji and I was extremely excited about it! 😊 After spending days roasting alive in a campervan feeling like I was living like a gypsy, I was looking forward to relaxing on gorgeous beaches with normal facilities (such as a shower) available at hand.

We landed in Nadi and there's not much happening there. However we managed to sneak into another hotel to watch a tradional figian fire and dance show which was really impressive and extremely dangerous in my opinion. Dangerous because the guys performing threw fire around and up in the air and actually made mistakes. I thought I was going to get hit at one point - but it was good fun. Extremely fit male dancers and excellent music - very lively!!! Really got us into the right mood! 😊

The beaches in Nadi aren't that great, and the idea is to travel to the set of islands on the west coast which is what we ended up doing. We spent 5 days on the islands and concentrated on two - Kuata and Naviti (which was a good call).

I had the bext time ever in Kuata! It was one of the smallest islands however it was the one we got to appreciate and love the most. The island itself was beautiful - felt like paradise. Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, lots of palm trees, warm sunshine and little cute huts to sleep in. No outside communication whatsoever - there was even limitations on the amount of electricity we had available. But I think what made this island so special was the small family of people running the activites, entertainment, providing housekeeping and food.

The main guy running the place was a guy called Moses who handled all the external activities and even got involved with the evening entertainment - which was hilarous! It was quite cute because you'd see all the guys working during the day on the island and in the evening they all come to life and dance and place with fire for us for our entertainment. Then once that is over we'd all sit around a huge fire and chat and some of the guys would play the guitar and sing us traditional song under the moonlight and shining stars. OMG - the sky was AMAZING at night time. I've never seen so many stars in my entire life! So beautiful - shame you couldnt capture it on camera.

One of the evenings, me and Narj received a personal invitation to a private gathering - for the family running the island. It was really sweet of them. They all sat around on the beach at night once everyone was asleep and chatted and drank cava (a drink which tastes like pondwater in my opinion). We met the big boss and we found out about their life on the island and how they wish to improve it etc. They were really intrigued about our lives and our backgrounds so we shared stories. Then they ended the evening (which was really late) by singing us goodbye songs which felt soooo sad :,( I actually didnt want to leave the island because i had fallen in love with the place and the people! It felt like we had some sort of impact on them and they seemed to really enjoy our company there. It was difficult leaving when we did, everyone just looked sad - however we exchanged email addresses so hopefully will keep in touch.

The snorkelling in Fiji was amazing too. Really different from Australia. The coral and fishes are much more colourful and we actually were swimming above 2/3 sharks!!! Smaller ones of course. I actually got really scared when they were directly below me and I had to swim away - because that was the first time i saw them. But after we got comfortable with them, it was interesting watching their movements.

The last few days of our trip were spent in Suva (the capital) visiting family friends - Sonal, Gita and their parents. It was nice being able to visit the capital as it was so different from the parts of Fiji we saw. It reminded me of India in a way. I liked it. We watched 2 movies back to back in the cinemas with the girls which was cool - My Name is Khan, and Valentine - felt like we were at home! Oh and it rained there for short periods, enough for you to get completely soaked.

Fiji was a lovely break away from the whole travelling experience of continously being on the go. Its such a beautiful and unspoilt place - I really hope it remains like that forever so people can really enjoy it for what it is!


16th March 2010

OMG, I'm so jealous! You've visited so many amazing places. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I await more amazing blogs xxx

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