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July 1st 2008
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Steve: Fiji!!! A perfect place to finish our trip before NZ and a return to work and relatively normal live. We arrived at 5.15am from LA pretty tired after the long flight and having lost 2 days to the international date line. We were able to check in really early to our hostel at Smugglers Cove in Nadi which was great and sit on our balcony and see the sun come up. The hostel was really n... Read Full Entry

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A Fijian War danceA Fijian War dance
A Fijian War dance

At Manta Ray resort. We saw a number of war dances but this was the only convicing one. The rest were a little camp, the disco music didn't help!!
Dancing with the localsDancing with the locals
Dancing with the locals

They love there singing and dancing. I see where Arch gets it from
One of the few underwater pics that came outOne of the few underwater pics that came out
One of the few underwater pics that came out

Stupidly brought the underwater right at the end of the trip and missed out on the sharks and the really clear water at Blue Lagoon. I then proceeded to take some of the worst photos ever but a couple came out. All in all though a big water of money
Loving the snorkellingLoving the snorkelling
Loving the snorkelling

Went at least twice a day

3rd July 2008

Looks amazing from the photos guys. Just a quick word to say please do not say NZ is going to be reality!! Think of all of us back here, Bristol smog, traffic, chavs, expensive beer etc!!!!! that's reality! Love Kate
4th July 2008

Fijian Warrior
I think we should make Archie that cocktail and post the pictures for you! Pictures look amazing, as usual! I can't believe you didn't join in for the rugby game. Everything here as usual. Bump is pretty big now - only 28 days to go. Still struggling for a boys name - top 2 at the moment are Frankenstein and Elvis - so fingers crossed for a girl xx
6th July 2008

So steve is now a fijian chief. arch will have to bow down at your feet when you see him next. next stop NZ then. the next part of the adventure begins...
7th July 2008

Absolutely stunning photos you took of Fiji, can't wait for the next installment on your trip. I'm in Seattle for the summer babysitting and as usual the weather is very "iffy" Take care. Bunnie
19th July 2008

I was made chief as well when I last went so me and Steve would have to do a war dance-off to decide who's chief! I'll have to hook you up with my family if you go again so you can see the real Fiji.

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