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June 21st 2006
Published: July 13th 2006
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We were the only two people going from the small South sea Island to Bounty Island, however we were still greeted by a man singing and playing his small guitar. We had booked in for two nights of luxury in a beach front bure. The hut was amazing, even had its own toilet and shower room at the back. This island is so beautiful and fabulous, it is not surprising that this was the first choice for the TV show Celebrity Love Island. The first night was good, the food on Bounty Island was the best we had tasted the whole time we were in Fiji. They also had dancing and a welcome and goodbye song for all the arrivals and people departing every night. We met up with a couple we had met on Naviti and played a few card games.

The following day we got up and unfortunately my back was the worst it has ever been. I couldn’t lie down or stand up with any ease. The pain was so unbearable that I feared I would have to leave the islands and go to hospital. There was only one major obstacle in my way, moving! It was real agony and the thought of having to get on the boats to get back to the main land was just too overwhelming. Even breathing was a task. Luckily the cleaner came around just after noon and enquired what the problem was. She went to get the masseuse to see if there was anything she cold do to help me. Mary (the masseuse) tried to massage some pressure points along my spine. After this I managed to sleep for about 30mins and was really hoping the pain would have subsided enough for me to at least lie still without feeling awful. However this was not the case and when Mary came back to check on me a few hours later the situation was pretty much the same as it had been all day. I asked her if should would see if any of the strong Fijian men would come and try to click a few of the vertebra in my back. On her return she brought a man (Paul) with her who said he would massage my legs for me. I really was not sure how this would help but I was getting really desperate and was willing to try anything that might quash the horrendous pain I was in. So I had to get the major task of getting onto the floor face first out of the way, it took a while but I got there in the end. With one leg bent at a right angle he then proceeded to massage my calf using his feet! This also really hurt, but I was pleased to have my attention taken away from my back and the painful act of breathing. He did both of my entire legs and feet and after about hour the ordeal was over. I do not really know how it works but the pain in my back was down to a bearable level. They helped me back onto the bed and I managed to fall asleep for a few hours. We had to cancel our trip to the next island on our itinerary (beachcomber) as there was still no chance of me making it on and off the boats involved in getting there ( we had also heard that they were not showing the footie so Thommo and I were more than happy to stay at Bounty). So we booked two more nights on Bounty and they let us have the same room. Thommo got some painkillers from one of the girls we had first met on South sea Island (thank you Natalie!) and I managed to walk to the main hut for dinner, I was not really hungry and was still in a lot of pain, so I soon returned to our hut to try to get some well needed rest.

After a restless night Paul came around the next morning and massaged my legs again, it was even more painful this time as I had bruising from the previous massage. Strangely though it was making my back feel better each time he was doing it. Afterwards Thommo and I managed to walk around the island and see what is left of the site where Love Island was filmed. The resort is in the process of moving some of the buildings round the island to use on the holiday resort, the swimming pool and dorms have already been moved. It was so refreshing to get out of our hut and to be able to breath without feeling overwhelming pain! That evening before dinner Paul came around and massaged my legs again. He said that my legs were very bad and would need even more loosening up! I asked him were he had learnt this skill from and he informed me his dad had taught him and that he massages some of the rugby team when they return home to the islands! That night at dinner we meet some more cool people, a couple from Oz who now live in New Zealand and a couple from Sweden. Again I didn’t stay up late as needed to rest more. The next day Thommo and I kayaked around the island, I must admit he did a lot more of the work then I did (but boy did I get the wrath of his mouth!) Then in the afternoon we took a short boat trip over to Treasure Island. This Island is an up market resort which caters well for families and basically anyone with a large amount of cash to burn. The price was a mere 550 Fijian dollars per night! That is just under 200 pounds!! It was a nice place to visit for a few hours though, they have turtles and iguanas. That evening after dinner we played monopoly with Matt and Ange (a couple we first met on Nanaya Lialia and then had the pleasure of all being on the losing team for the drinking games on South Sea). Once again Paul came around that evening to massage my legs again. I am eternally grateful to this kind man who made a nightmare turn back into a dream, he didn’t even ask for any money in return for his work (although I did give him some just before we left as a gesture of my appreciation). He informed me that Thommo must help me massage my legs regularly, am still waiting for the first one! After monopoly we went to bed early as we had to get up at silly o’clock in the morning to watch the world cup matches between England v Trinidad and Tobago and Sweden v Paraguay. We spent the remainder of the day snorkelling and sitting around the pool. When we all boarded the boat to leave Bounty Island I could not help but feel a bit sad, despite not feeling well for some of the time there I really enjoyed myself and would love to revisit some day.

When we arrived back to the main land we
Thommo with SavaThommo with SavaThommo with Sava

Such a nice man, ran the meeting and greeting of newbies to and off the Island.
stayed at the first place near Nadi and met up with two blokes we first met on South Sea Island (thank you Franco and George). They told us about the rugby match between Fiji and Italy the following day so we went along to Loutoka with them and watched the match. It was so awesome to be in that crowd, it was very loud and lively. Fiji beat Italy with what seemed like great ease. Just as the match finished the sky opened up with a dramatic down pour, so getting out the ground was a bit hectic and we only just managed to find the taxi we had arranged to pick us up. This was a great day though and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

We then ventured south along the coast to an area known as Pacific harbour. Here we stayed at the Arts Village in a backpackers called Tsulu. This place was amazing but very quiet, only 6 others stayed there in total over the two nights we were staying. The first night we went to the bar to relax a little and ended up chatting to some wasted locals for a while and the we
Throw InThrow InThrow In

Fiji V.s Italy, good game.
proceeded to go to dinner with two of them. Had some great and different conversations! This place really is worth a visit if you can be bothered to take the three and a half hour journey from Nadi. They have a massive pool with a slide, an out door spa and the only pool bar (so we were informed) on the main land. The following day was spent trying to acquire tickets for the ashes, lots of time was spent in the upmarket internet café clicking on the retry buttons repeatedly for a good few hours! We missed out on the Sydney tickets but managed to get some for Perth so it wasn’t all time wasted. That evening we played cards with some kite boarding dudes from Canada. It was good to speak to them about the places and experiences we had whilst visiting their country. The next day we went along to watch a show that they put on at the Island within the complex. This show consisted of traditional dancing and fighting among other things, the fire walking was really something. Those man must have feet of steel!! It was really interesting to find out even more about

the old ways of life in the brilliant land of Fiji.

We spent one last night back at the Nadi bay resort and managed to catch another few footie games. The next day we had to catch the plane to New Zealand. We were both quite sad to leave but really glad that we had included Fiji in our around the world tour. I think if I every become rich I would make this a holiday destination. At the airport the sadness was covered by Thommo frantically trying to get tickets for the Melbourne test match, unfortunately he used all my credit on my mobile just as he got through to enter his details!

Onwards to winter in New Zealand…..

Additional photos below
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Ange and MattAnge and Matt
Ange and Matt

So glad we met you guys, hope you enjoy the rest of your travels. Congrats to Matt for beating us all at Monopoly!
Franco, George and Thommo Franco, George and Thommo
Franco, George and Thommo

At the Rugby. Cheers guys for the find of the match!

These stones were red hot, feet of steal!
Arts VillageArts Village
Arts Village

TraditionaL dancing, this was really impressive.
Tsulu poolTsulu pool
Tsulu pool

There is a slide inside the head and a spa inside the mouth! Also a pool bar to the side!
Me sat on the Love Island pontoonMe sat on the Love Island pontoon
Me sat on the Love Island pontoon

Was just so glad to be able to make it round the Island in one piece!
Evening entertainment Fiji styleEvening entertainment Fiji style
Evening entertainment Fiji style

Paul is the man knelt at the back.
Me with Purple star fishMe with Purple star fish
Me with Purple star fish

We tried to save it and put it back in the sea, was stuck in a rock pool.

13th July 2006

Lucky buggers
looks amazing, i was to go there!!!!!!! bet its weird being in the cold now though xxxxxxxxx
13th July 2006

¤¯`·.¸·.>>╭☆Sea Star ☆╯<<·.¸¸.·´¤
Owww you're so cute for saving the starfish :) Is Thommo trying to grow beard?? Sorry :) xx

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