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February 8th 2011
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Hello all,

The funniness continues...

So when I left the internet shop yesterday, I got onto the public bus to go home. Oh funny! The bus is basic...really basic! The seats, not so much cushion. The, there are none. That's right. Why have windows and AC when you have the south pacific wind! Once moving, its great, but while I waited the 15 minutes for the bus to leave the main station (and by station, just a parking lot), I'm pretty sure I sweat at least half my body weight.

Here is one thing I have already accepted...I'm going to smell for the next month. There's no way around it. No place has AC. The sun is unbelievably hot, ceiling fans are limited and its humid. And, as if this was not enough to send your body into panic mode, in order to ward off things like dengue fever, I'm wearing bug spray all the time. Sooooo, yep, that sums it up. I'm a mix of bug spray and sweat at all times. Awesome! I'm pretty sure I blend in with the locals though :-)

When I arrived home last night, my family had a warm welcome and how was your first day! It was as if I was 4 and had just come home from my first day at kindergarten. Very cute! We talked, I ate pumpkin curry (if I could eat this every day, I may never come home...made of fresh pumpkin...outstanding!) and caught up on the happens around town. It was nice. I also experienced something that would have been better to find out at the end of the month. Having lived in FL for the last 5 yrs, I've seen my share of big bugs. But, when I went into the toilet I was in for a much BIGGER surprise! Just as I was closing the door, there it was. The biggest spider I've ever seen. Easily would have filled my entire palm with its legs dangling over. OMG!!! I squealed like the little girl I am and ran into the kitchen. Pradeep was like, what's wrong, what's wrong, what's wrong! I was jumping up and down and could barely tell him. Armed with a spray can of god only knows what, he went into the toilet. He said he killed it. I waited about an hour before I went back in there...and you should see me going in there ever since. Its like a crime scene investigation before I close the door. Hilarious! And, that crime scene investigation continued in my bedroom. Needless to say, I did not sleep so soundly last night and the rooster didn't even make a peep till 5 AM.

Second day of school was really fun! I was able to participate more and a few of the kids went home last night and told there parents about me. So I met some parents today as well. I'm learning the songs, some more words in Fijian and Hindi (correction to yesterday's blog, its Hindi not Hindu...give me a break, I've only been here 4 days). I think I'm going to get the hang of it. We used stickers today to reward the kids for bringing in their homework - a picture of their family. Its family week in class. The stickers were a big hit.

Some other funny things that I've noticed about Fiji so far....
I'm eating most of my meals with my hands. Its interesting...
So many people walk around barefoot. This is not a place that says no shoes, no service. Even on the bus people are without. Funny!
In the morning on the main street in town there are men doing shoe shines. The men getting the shines aren't wearing shoes, but leather sandals. I was so intrigued and had to stop and watch!
Last night it must have been about 90 degrees and as the sun was going down, Ah-gee said, its cold! I was still sweating and thinking...good god, that's what I'm like in FL!

I'm having some photo downloading issues today...not sure what's going on, but its taking to long and money is ticking away. I'll try to resolve it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am going into Suva, the capital, to meet with the other volunteers. Should be interesting! My first long bus ride without windows...fingers crossed its not raining!

Bye, CJ


8th February 2011

I officially hate pumpkin curry if you don't come home. You say "funny" in ref to no shoes on a bus... I say gross! Speaking of buses - miss u on the express. Stay cool! Mamie
8th February 2011

When I used to substitute teach the kids loved stickers. Funny how some things are so universal. Very cute that the kids went home and talked about you with their parents. They're just as fascinated by you as you are of them. Oh, and very cool idea for the family present.
9th February 2011

Ha ha ha... I can totally picture you freaking out over the spider! Hope you meet some cool volunteers!
9th February 2011

Hysterical Reading!
I am so enjoying your experience so are too funny...I can just see you screaming and jumping up and down after the bathroom episode..and the buses without windows? thanks...looking forward to your next entry. Miss you!! Bev
10th February 2011

Have a great adventure!!
Hey CJ, Hope you are enjoying your trip. I really love reading your blog! Elise told me about your trip and I am so happy for you. I hope to visit there one day. Be happy and stay well, Sharry

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