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May 27th 2007
Published: May 27th 2007
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How (not) to climb a coconut treeHow (not) to climb a coconut treeHow (not) to climb a coconut tree

I swear, that is a smile, not a grimace!
My 2 weeks in Fiji have gone so quickly, but I've done so much. I love it here, everything is amazing; the beaches, the sun, the food, the people and most importantly the "Fiji time" (everything is so laid back it makes a chess game look like a frenzy of activity).

I've spent a bit of time on the Islands, Robinson Crusoe Island by far being the best (and one of the most enjoyable things i've done in my full travel time away), and circled the main island of Viti Levu. Activites ticked include Billi-Billi rafting (although in my book a "boat" must "float", the raft hovered between 6-7 inches below the waterline), river tubing, village visits, mud pool bathing, a school visit, a jungle trek (for 3 hours in the pouring rain - that wasn't in the brochure!!), sand boarding (a little less on the XR than NZ but still good fun) and drinking lots of Cava (which is basically cement mixed in water that makes your tongue tingle and your belly gurgle in very strange ways).

Most of the above were done on the Fiji Expericne bus around Viti Levu. Robinson Crusoe had its own fun; crab racing, coconut throwing, tree climbing, fire dancing, line fishing, net fishing (which is one of the most amazing things ever - you lay a net out into the see then chase the fish into the net smacking the sea with sticks, i know, WOW!), scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and of course, sun bathing.

Fiji is one of my favourite places visited. If you're thinking "hmmmm, Peak District or Fiji?", and you want sand, sun and sea, then come to Fiji.

This is a very brief blog as I am off to San Francisco in about 10 minutes and need to pack/sit on my bag. I'm back this Friday and look forward to seeing most of you in the next few weeks. I have a few (thousand) photos to show........

(possibly signing off....unless I do one in SF)

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Crusoe SunsetCrusoe Sunset
Crusoe Sunset

Can it get any better?

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