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July 22nd 2006
Published: July 22nd 2006
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So im in Fiji- on my own but you know what its amazing how many you meet. Prob met more in last few days than all the time ive been away!!!! Mad!

Not moving around too much in fiji- decided to just chill out and kick back!!! With the weather reports from back home- is time i got a tan!!!!!

Staying here 3.5 weeks. Its v similar to Thailand but places to stay are same price as NZ if not more and alot dont have kitchens so price inc food making it sound really dear!

Showers here are cold and sometimes there is no water at all! And not one mirror!!!!Mad! The resort i am on is great though! On a tiny island called Nananu-i-ra north of fiji and planning on staying here most of time.

Made the boat trip over to mainland today to go to the shop (no shop on island!) and its been cool to mix with locals and little kids (they love getting their pics taken!!!)Went on local bus too which was great!

There is no net on island i am on so not sure when i will get to it next- will pop all my photos on when i get to LA and tell you more about my stay in Fiji!

My NZ number is no longer in use- i have a fiji one but just given it to family, the odd few and darren as wont be long till im back x

Andy NZ- o course I promise to stay in contact silly!!!! The cottage beds are ready Jane said!!!
The Leech- good to hear from you hun- glad you and Jordan are still having fun x
Sarah and Paul- Hope you are ok guys!!!!!The dive looks amazing here- might have to indulge in the wreak dive!
Kat- thanks for the email- glad london is going well- I sent you a bday text- hope you got it!
Paul Killarney (!!!!!!!!) think i had a text from you on NZ number tried replying but think you are already back in Ire(!)land- how is it to be back hun?
Wylie- text you on Fiji number- hope you got it- No Dave g is one of Als friends not gilly- o and Liz is engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mum- sorry we missed each other- Liz is engaged!!!!!Wedding next summer!!!!!
Claire bear- tried calling hope you got my voice mail!
Jess, Emily and Sophie- good to chat!!! Cant believe how grown up you will be when i get home!!!!!!!!
Nana- good to hear your voice- you think im home vvvv soon but sorry to disappoint its longer than you think!!!
Darren- Hope you have arrived safely in thailand? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 😊 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


24th July 2006

see u soon
hiya.....have a lovely relaxing 3 weeks in figi hon i'm sure u'll be well busy when u get back! and prepare for the heat its scorchio! see u soon xxxxx
28th July 2006

oh monstrous
no i never got it wylie man!!! sounds fabulous in fiji!! jo's anniversary on sunday so will pop out for a few drinks then. like kat says it is SCORCHIO here but still not brown so its baqck to the old st tropez! please text me again, miss u loads, will call u when get number love xxxxx

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