Day 27 - Second verse same as the first (still raining)

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August 2nd 2011
Published: August 2nd 2011
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Today started as almost every day of our vacation. We will sum up our entire day minute by minute for you and this will take just a few paragraph. We slept in and when we got up and went to breakfast. It was overcast as everyday had been. Our praying for sun did not work. We stretched out breakfast to last about 30 minutes. Again, we ate cereal in warm milk and toast. After our meal it was back to our room as it was so cloudy, overcast and lightly raining so the pool and beach are not really doable. So after some reading and napping and reading and napping we ventured out of our room onto the porch. It was sprinkling and still grey and cloudy. Chester went for a walk on the beach and Kirsten went back inside and read. After the walk, it was back to reading. Kirsten decided to hit the lobby to book a hotel room for her lay-over in Johannesburg, SA. Chester was completely bored and playing solitaire. It was around 1 pm when finally, they thought they saw a glimpse of sun peak out from behind the clouds. Yes, actual sun. Both of us
Our front doorOur front doorOur front door

The door on the left is the toilet. The right goes into the room.
sprinted to put on our swim suits and hit the lounge chairs by the pool. A Canadian couple who we went scuba diving with the day before was already at the pool. The sun was glorious, for the 45 minutes of warmth and glow it provided. As quickly as it showed itself, it just as quickly was gone for the rest of the day. We were back to our rooms as the rain started to pour. Two hours later, after reading, playing cards, playing games on the blackberry and napping, we were determined to get out of our room. The rain seemed to cease so we thought we would walk to the village center a kilometer or two away to see what was there and get some cash as they charge fees for using credit cards here that are really high. Wait for it . . . you guessed it, about 1/3 of the way there, it started to rain again. Kirsten donned a really nice white beach cover-up that, after the rain, really didn’t cover up too much. Chester’s flip-flops kept kicking up mud and dirt on the back of her sun dress and legs. Awesome!

We made
Outside ShowerOutside ShowerOutside Shower

Nothing like waiting till the rains stops so you can take a shower with the frogs.
it to the arts center which was just a basic strip mall with souvenir shops, post office and restaurants. We tried to make the excursion last as long as it could and walked in every shop they had. “Bula” they would all say. “Bula to you, too. Where’s the f’ing sun?” We bought a few things and headed back to our hotel.

When we reached our hotel is was close around 4. We wanted to rinse off our flip-flops and legs as they were pretty dirty from the walk. Wait for it . . . the entire resort’s water was shut off. Power in the area went out with the rain and the water pumps hence went down and so we had no water, but no worries, they were working on it. We have come to loath this popular down-under saying, “no worries.” No, that doesn’t answer my question. We just wanted to rinse off our muddy feet. So we still did, in the nice clean pool.

More reading and card playing later, we got our water back. Showers and dinner finished up our evening as usual. We don’t mean to sound bitter or unappreciated, but the rain
How we spent most of the dayHow we spent most of the dayHow we spent most of the day

Kirsten reading away while it rains outside.
is getting a little ridiculous. You guys no longer have to live vicarious through us, because all you are doing is sitting in a hotel room reading or playing cards, listening to the rain hit our bungalow and there is not TV to be had. We would kill for an episode of Brady Bunch of Happy Days that ran nightly in New Zealand and Australia. At least we could have a contest and see how fast Kirsten could guess what episode it was. Usually in less than 45 seconds. And Kirsten had a case of Blackberry thumb from playing to many games on Texas Hold’em and Hangman.

Tomorrow we start out early, 6:45 for a day long rafting trip. This will be Kirsten’s last day in Fiji, Chester is bummed that she gets to leave on Thursday and she is stuck her alone in “paradise” until Friday.

On one interesting note as we have run out of things to talk about, we have had a running debate since we arrived at the hotel of whether or not our waitress/waiter is a male or female. Now remember Fijian men wear skirts, so that is not a sure giveaway. Fijian
the resortthe resortthe resort

We use that term loosely.
men and women are “big boned” so that is not a dead giveaway either. It bounces around like a gay man or a very athletic broad shouldered women (think female body builder). The shoes are quite large. We are guessing a women’s size 12. Its hands are large, but not unproportionate to its size. It can hold a beer bottle and glass mug on its palms. Not one in the palm and the other wrapped around a finger, both items in the palm of its hand. On day 2 it appeared it needed a shave, but that does not necessarily denote an XY chromosome. We have yet to see an Adam’s apple which is usually the sure sign so we are still looking for clues. One the first day it was telling us about the daily specials and the dessert included bananas. It had a comment that “you know about big bananas around here”. That was threw us off a bit, too. He/She is a wily one for sure! We think we could make this into a Seinfeld episode if it was still on.

Additional photos below
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The small beach at our resortThe small beach at our resort
The small beach at our resort

These boats appears today. Not sure why.

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