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Oceania » Fiji » Nadi May 4th 2011

Hätt mir nicht gedacht, dass Übernachten am Flughafen so komfortabel und angenehm sein kann. Ich hab total in Ruhe geschlafen, nur zwei oder drei Mal hat es eine Ansage gegeben, die mich aufgeweckt hat. Hab wieder mal meine Sachen geordnet und bin auf Level 2 gefahren, um meine morgendliche Dusche zu nehmen. Ist gratis hier – sehr angenehm. Dann bin ich zum Check-In gegangen und hatte zwei kleine Probleme. Erstens: für die Einreise in Fiji muss der Pass noch 6 Monate gültig sein. Da meiner ja am 20.5. abläuft, geht sich das nicht ganz aus. Zweitens: zur Einreise in Australien danach muss der Pass noch ein Monat gültig sein. Geht sich auch nicht aus. Nach 15 Minuten am Serviceschalter war aber alles geklärt, sowohl für die Einreise nach Fiji als auch für die Ausreise und Wiedereinreise ... read more
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Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 6th 2011

On Thursday, I left my host family home. It was a bit hard to leave. I have grown quite close with the grandmother and am going to miss you. She told me that I'm not like one of her daughters and that I can come and stay with her anytime I want. I will keep a piece of her with me always. I went into Nausori to do a bit of things on the internet. Then hit up a few stores to get some cheap snacks, then hit the market for some more apples and then caught a taxi to Suva. I went to the Holiday Inn on the bay, which is where the bus was picking up from. No more buses without more hearing the man selling some sort of homemade snack to those ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi March 1st 2011

Finally after a month in a Camper van, we were released from Addington Jail in Christchurch, and not a day too soon either. we got away from the major Earth Quake in Christchurch which has killed over 100 people and still many missing. We made it to Nadi, Fiji - another place we always wanted to visit but never thought we would, and here we are! Having landed at the airport, Donna our guide who picked us up from the airport, informed us that The Drift Inn where we were supposed to stay - was closed as it had been condemned. she had arranged for us to stay at another hostel, Wailoaloa Beach resort, just for the night as we wanted to go island hopping. She then recommended coming to Mana Island, and Ratu Kini's Backpackers ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi February 17th 2011

Thursday 16th December 2010 (Nadi) Turning up as usual with nothing booked, we arranged an island hopping trip around the Yasawa Islands at the airport with Sun Vacations, and saved $200 on the brochure price if we’d booked the tour in New Zealand. They also booked us into the Tropic of Capricorn, a cheap beach front hotel, for our first night before our departure. Joanne had an amazing swordfish dinner and Richard enjoyed a chicken curry under the night sky full of stars on the quiet beach. ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi February 14th 2011

Well, its been an absolutely fantastic 3 days of orientation so far, everyone in my group is awesome and it's basically just been a lovefest. The flight over was a bit rough, didn't sleep hardly at all despite changing and jumping around seats throughout the top deck of the plane. The whole group sat in row 63, and Emily and I sat in 17, which was cool because we got to know eachother well and have become good friends. When we arrived in Fiji, a whole day had been lost in time because of the international date line. We were greated by some of the most intense humidity I've ever encountered in my life, and 3 men in sulus playing the ukeleles singing Fijian songs. At this point, we were all either wiped out or really ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi February 3rd 2011

Well my time in New Zealand has sadly come to an end. I have had an amazing time and seen so much in my short time here! I have loved every minute and will definitely return again to see and do more! Maybe even come back and hire a camper van and go and see some of the more remote places, the beaches here are so quiet and clean with beautiful golden sand! I am currently at Fiji airport (Nadi) as I have a 6 hour wait before departing for LA! Next update will be when I am in LA and have met up with Michele to do all the very tacky and touristy sites! I hope you are all enjoying the cold winter back home, it is a gorgeous mid to high 20s here! xx ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi January 22nd 2011

Avalon Travel Publishing has launched the 9th edition of Moon Fiji, the original travel guide to the 322-island Fiji archipelago. Since 1985, Moon Fiji has been the leading travel guidebook to Fiji. Author David Stanley has been writing about the South Pacific since 1979, and over the years tens of thousands of Pacific travelers have used his guides to Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa, Micronesia, and the South Pacific. Moon Fiji’s 419 pages are packed with photos and maps. Unlike the maps in other guidebooks, the 53 maps in Moon Fiji are clearly labeled without confusing numbered keys. To allow for detail, there are three street maps of Fiji's capital Suva and two of the gateway city Nadi. Most of the 170 photos are new to this edition and many of them are in color. The 24-page ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi January 11th 2011

I'm afraid I've had to give up on Fiji. Been here for 7 days and had nothing but torrential rain. Had planned (and prepaid) to stay here for 10 days then go on a 12-day sailing cruise round the gorgeous Yasawa Islands but weather (and seas) so rough and forecast is much of the same. So changed my flight and off to NZ in the morning! (Hope rain doesn't follow me there!). Shame - I ws really looking forward to some beautiful beaches and going into some Fiji villages. Fijians are lovely people - SO friendly. On first day here I met a two British couples travelling together here at the hotel and they moaned about everything here - nothing was good enough for them! They were awful and I felt so sorry for the staff ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi January 6th 2011

Our final day and final blog and here we are in some poxy little internet cafe sweating like pigs and stuffing our faces with raisin bread dreading the mammoth journey home ahead! Thinking about the past 4 months we have met so many amazing people and had THE best time ever!!! Although we're exited to be seeing everyone at home we're so sad it's over. It's been a blast!! p.s. we may have missed a few days as we're only on 108! but you get the gist!! ... read more

Oceania » Fiji » Nadi January 5th 2011

For our only day on the main island we decided to see as much as possible and so hired a driver for the day who took us round to see the sights!! First stop was a mountain in the shape of a sleeping giant (or buddah for Elin who thought she was back in Thailand!!) followed by a visit to a cultural centre and then a typical local town where we shopped and had lunch in a local Indian canteen which shouldn't be judged by appearances! The curry was amazing!! Next we headed to a look our point for more photos before arriving at an absolutely stunning beach! Blown away by the views and amazingly sunshine!! we were then approached by the most gorgeous 14 year old boy who offered us horse rides along the beach! ... read more

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