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January 30th 2015
Published: January 30th 2015
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Had an early start, packed and got ready for my flight. Laurie, Kathryn and Emma came round to say goodbye and we hung out in the kitchen chatting with Alan, Warren, Alex and French Alex! Then it was time for goodbyes which were of course traumatic 😞 the girls walked me to the station where we had lots of hugs goodbye!! Then I had an easy journey to the airport and a quick check in. The time in the airport went quickly and before I knew it I was on my Fiji Airways flight. The flight was about 4 hours, so went quickly. We had a chicken pasta meal with cheese and crackers and a chocolate biscuit- it was all good! I tried to sleep for a bit. The In flight films were terrible and we only had 4 options - all rubbish so I listened to music instead! When I landed there were people singing and playing instruments to welcome you... I already loved Fiji! When I got through customs my shuttle to the hostel was ready and waiting. As soon as I stepped outside I started to melt- it was like walking into a sauna!!! The journey was short and the driver told me about Fiji- there are no guns, no poisons (except maybe humans) and I need to relax and run on Fiji time! Haha once I checked into my room I sat on my bed and that was pretty much it- I fell asleep pretty quickly!
The next morning I got up for the free breakfast, fruit, cereal and toast! The view was incredible and it made me feel better about leaving Aus! Then I chilled on a hammock for a bit before going back to my room to meet Kat, a girl in my room. We had decided to go into town together to see what there was. The bus was interesting- it had No Windows and was old school! After a bumpy ride through Nadi we made it to town. On the journey you could tell the living is basic here- a big change from Sydney! Although we did of course see a mcdonalds! We had a wander around town, it's quite strange as everyone says hello (bula!) as they pass you and asks where you are from so getting anywhere takes a while. We grabbed some lunch and looked around a traditional market and fruit market. I got stopped by a little boy who asked what I was holding- so I showed him my camera and explained how it worked, by taking his photo- he was fascinated haha and called over his sister to show her! Then we got a cab back to the hostel. It was so hot I had to lie down in our air conditioned room- where I then fell asleep for 3 hours! When I woke up I showered and Kat and I went for dinner next door. They have lots of variety available and the menu wasn't dissimilar to an English menu! Then I used the wifi- while I still have access to it! And got an early night 😊
Woke up and had breakfast before finding a hammock and sunbathing for a few hours! It gets really hot though so I had to go inside by about 1! Then I chilled with kat for a bit before getting some good and going for a massage! It was sooo good and only about £15 for an hour! It was a Swedish massage and at the end she started playing with my hair and have me a new hair do which was random haha then it was time to meet everyone off my project! Everyone seems really friendly and nice... But lots of people were severely jet lagged so everyone went to bed quite early!

That's the end of my blogging on here for a few weeks ... It will be swapping over to the blog my project runs... So until I'm back updates will be on there 😊


My project is a 5 week one and should come up in the next few days! Will blog again in March! X

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