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January 19th 2010
Published: January 19th 2010
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Hey guys, just to let you know I've arrived in Figi safe and sound but I have no phone coverage so if you've tried to text thats why you haven't heard back!!

I'm off to travel round the islands (aka paradise) in the morning and I don't think the internet access is great so you won't be hearing from me for a couple of weeks until I get back to the mainland or reach New Zealand!! Crazy stuff, I feel like I've lost a limb without my phone which is pathetic! FYI I've made friends with a Scottish girl called Mairi so have spent the last 2 days with her but shes doing a placement here with the red cross for 8 months and starts tomorrow so we will be parting ways 😞 Its been good to have someone like minded to chat to and we've had a good laugh but I'll fill you in on all the other stuff like the Grand Canyon when I next get chance to do an update!

Hope all is well back home and the weather has warmed up?! Its definitely warmer for me here, no idea of the temps are but its redders!! In fact I have some bad news.........I took liberties! We went for a walk yesterday but it was really cloudy and I didn't crema crema hence I have a burnt back and shoulders after just 10 mins!!! 😞 I'm sooooooo pissed of with myself especially when it rained all afternoon into the evening and I hardly saw the sun!! (sorry Dad!) Don't worry its Factor 25 for the next week or so at least!

Take care everyone and I'll be in touch as soon as I can!

Love Caz xxx

Thanks for all you lovely comments and messages, they've been keeping me going so keep them coming! Sorry I haven't had chance to reply but as soon as I can get free Wifi again I should be able to make contact! Its been a tough few days, saying bye to Ruth and Andrew was tough and the flight here was hideous coz I realised I'm truly on my own from now but I'm feeling much better now I've settled and the good weather defo helps!! Bring on the white sand, clear seas and blue skies..................


19th January 2010

soooo jealous!!!
taking liberties, naughty rooney!!! sooo jealous sounds like paradise!!! things here are shite as per usual!!! youre not missing anything. enjoy every moment babes, wish i was there with you!!!!
19th January 2010

ha ha ha ha
Caz... you made me burst out laughing sat at my and your taking libertie's!!!!! ahhhh and your such a preacher about it! oh well at least you now know how hot it is so you'll be back on track with the cream! glad your ok. hope your ok an your own, im sure you'll make friends in nio time! in caseyou get this while you in Figi, one of my friends, Graham, is out there..I think. I msg'd him on FB so i'll let you know if he's still there. he's absolutely hilarious slash childish. i'll let you know if he's still there. Take care lady xx
19th January 2010

Glad you're enjoying "Paradise"
Glad to hear you got there ok. Enjoy and keep slapping on the sun cream!! Ruth x
19th January 2010

Can believe you took a liberty!
Simmo! So glad you are having a good time. Paradise here you come! Well, if you don't burn on the first day of your hols then you really aren't normal! Looking forward to the next update. Enjoy every second of it. Love Amy xx
20th January 2010

Fiiii Geeeeeee it sounds nice...
Hi Caz! Good to hear you've have arrived safely in Fiji. Must admit, I thought I'd buggered up your map, cos I was clicking round it and managed to add random pins into it....made your route look like a cat's cradle. Thankfully it reset when I change page, but had me worried for a while! According to the weather forecasts, it's about 27C in Fiji...nice one! Hope you enjoy "paradise"...just don't rub it in too's 3C here and miserable as sin! A, A and C xxx
21st January 2010

Hot stuff baby!!
Lina! I love this blog's my first time using it and i love having updates and finding out where you are in the world!! Do not worry you will make lots of friends along the way....who are all lucky to meet my special lady ;) Be safe in the sun hun and enjoy!!! mwah mwah mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
22nd January 2010

Was just reading that thinking... I hope she doesn't take liberties!.. but you did!!!
9th February 2010

where you now and where are you going
can i come!!??? xxx

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