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June 14th 2009
Published: June 21st 2009
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"On street parking""On street parking""On street parking"

what a nightmare :)
Bula (Hello) Everyone!

Just a quick note with our pics from Bounty Island in Fiji. We've not had chance to type up a blog yet but thought you might want to see the photo's in the meantime.

After a few nice days in Sydney including a whirlwind weekend with friends at Bondi Beach, we've just arrived in Canberra on route to the Snowy Mountains. This is our last night of freedom before we take another coach tomorrow to the town of Jindabyne close to Perisher Ski Resort. Our new employers, Ski Rider, then pick us up from there...back to the grindstone after 7 months haha.

Will try to write more soon but there's no internet access at the hotel so not sure when.

Wish us luck 😊

Steve and Maja x

P.S Happy fathers day Dad and Happy Birthday Kristina!

Additional photos below
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Steve on BountySteve on Bounty
Steve on Bounty

5 minutes later we saw 2 little sharks here
Fiji Airport at 4amFiji Airport at 4am
Fiji Airport at 4am

Great Welcome!
Sun Seaker IslandSun Seaker Island
Sun Seaker Island

The little boats come from the islands and you jump off the ferry to the resort
Sailboat Sailboat

Cracking views all day long!
Sea KayakingSea Kayaking
Sea Kayaking

Great fun, half and only hour round the island
Asia Walkabout 2009Asia Walkabout 2009
Asia Walkabout 2009

(ok so not exatly true but Fiji's quite close to Australia, kinfd of)
Blue Star Fish FactBlue Star Fish Fact
Blue Star Fish Fact

Starfish have amazing powers of regeneration, if this was cut through the middle "pizza style", each leg would grow back the 4 missing legs so you'd have 5 new starfish, very smart!
Shadow karate hahaShadow karate haha
Shadow karate haha

Because there's nothing on the horizon the sun goes all the way down making really ong shadows

21st June 2009

believe it or not, mum and I are watching karate kid , then one of the photos has shadow karate ! Great photos All the best with jobs xxxxx
22nd June 2009

Summer is here!
At last we have got something like summer.Enar has been on the golf-course today.He came home soaking wet through a hail-shower.But here it was warm and sunny. Everything is green and we have lots of flowers.Birgitta has been here during midsummer.We have met some relatives she never met before and looked at houses where her ancestors lived once upon a time.Best wishes from Grandma
25th June 2009

Hey you guys. I guess you have heard about Mike´s job offering. We had to go to USA to see were the job were located. We are now back in Sweden from our trip to the states. Chicago was a lovely city, Middelbury though was very small. I hope maby that we can skype this weekend. If you have got internet ofcourse. I hope that your jobs goes well. A lot of hugs from me. Miss you!
27th June 2009

Well, a lot of information about many things on your blog! How is your work? I will be going to Brussels on Sunday afternoon for a three day meeting Mon-Wed. The exiciting thing is that on Wednesday the 1 July Sweden takes over the Presidency of the European Union. I am lucky to have the opportunity to be i Brussels that special day! Summer is here and it is lovely. It is really warm and sunny with some 25 degrees in Stockholm, but I saw that todays national record was Skellefteå with 31!/Birgitta
8th September 2009

Hej Om ni inte kommer ihåg mig så är jag Eriks kompis. Min dotter Moa är på väg ut i världen på i stort samma resa som ni har varit på. Jag har tipsat henne om er utsökta blogg. Hon kanske kan få några bra tips. Lycka till Leif

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