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January 25th 2008
Published: January 25th 2008
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Last days in Fiji

Unfortunately because some totally knob head of a tosser in New Zealand (South Island) stole my camera out of my bag either during the night whilst i was sleeping or whilst on the bus the next day i havnt got any pictures from the last 4 days in fiji and also ALL of the North Island of New Zealand.

Just quickly will try and summarise and remember as best i can.........

Last 4 days i stayed in Smugglers cover backpackers. Kat and Alex were leaving the next day, Drew was leaving a day after them and i was leaving for New Zealand 2 days after Drew.

My 4 days were spent mainly relaxing around the pool and beach during the day. At night it was mainly Drinking, few card games socialising. I had 1 particular heavy night where I met the Oz guys from Beachcomber and we went out into town in Nadi with some of the fijian guys who worked at the hostel. The nightclub we went to was really shady and a bit of a shit hole but most of the locals there were really cool, friendly and fun. Especially the girls. The girls kept coming to us and dragging us up to dance with them - also in fiji you can go up to any girl (even if they have a boyfriend or married) and you can take them for a dance! Anyway we all had a drunken fun night and it carried on at the beach until the early hours of the morning.

The day before i was leaving i was in the interent cafe all day and i left my Camera there. When i realised i went back but the shop was closed! I was leaving 6am tomorrow morning so i had no way of retrieving it. I got talking to some randon guy in the street and this just emphasises how friendly the locals are. He was on his mobile calling all sorts of people to try and track down the shop owner, he did then took me to there house in his car but she was out and wouldnt be in until late that night. The next day on route to the airport i called around the house and the guy at the house called the girl for me (the internet cafe owner) and she phoned a young lad who works there, got him out of bed at 6.30am,he had to run down to the shop to give me my camera. I slipped the lad a $20 note as a thanks.

Thats all for now from Fiji. New Zealand will follow shortly. Promise you wont have to wait for 4 weeks again!


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