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Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga December 19th 2010

So, it is the official one week countdown to my departure for Rarotonga. My one measly suitcase is mostly packed.... I am told by my friend Gaz that I have already packed too much. But that's ok. The preceding weeks have been filled with visits and time spent with family and friends, and of course the standard doctor and dentist visits that I am so bad about keeping. Spliting my time between New York and Michigan for the last 3 years has made me somewhat lapse on my personal care. I brush my teeth and floss everyday, have no pain and take no medications, so these "routine" visits tend to fall by the wayside when I actually am home for more important ventures like keeping up my relationships with area bartenders. This being the Christmas season ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga October 29th 2010

Kia Orana everybody, This week the weather has not really lived up to the paradise setting and has been overcast a lot! It has been a relaxing break though and when the weather is nice it is really beautiful here. We went snorkelling the other day and saw an amazing amount of brightly coloured tropical fish swimming right up to us. It was like swimming in an aquarium! We were both a bit nervious at first as there were so many fish and some were prety big, but we soon relaxed and really enjoyed it. We have also walked to the waterfall on the island which took us two hours to get to, but was worth it! It was surrounded by jungle and looked really inviting for a swim in the clear pool beneath it. Food ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga October 21st 2010

Hi everyone, After a long boring time in Los Angeles Airport, where are highlight came from Martin Kemp coming to sit next to us in Starbucks!! Just when we thought we were leaving LA without seeing anyone famous! We arrived safely in Rarotonga after another 9 hour flight! When we first arrived it definitely was not similar to the pictures we had seen as it was pouring with rain! But fingers crossed that has stopped and we have had 2 days in the gorgeous sunshine since. Our hostel is right on the beach, which has white sands, palm trees and crystal clear waters. It is just like a screen saver picture! There are little Islets just off the beach which we have walked out to through the shallow waters, which don't get deeper than waist height! ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga October 1st 2010

During the following two weeks the weather on Rarotonga seemed to get better and better, so as you can imagine my tan was getting better and better whilst Cerri was getting redder and redder! As the sun had its hat on, in true old fashioned British style we decided to tackle some gardening around the EHF clinic over the next couple of days. Turning into Alan Titchmarsh enthusiasts, weeding was first on the agenda followed by digging out a vegetable patch and planting an avocado tree. During one of the morning feeds Cerri’s butter fingers nearly lost a kitten which she spent the next hour or so searching in the nearby bushes for! Our days were taken up by teaching some of our fellow volunteers how to dehusk coconuts, sadly the bunch of coconuts I had ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki September 20th 2010

INDIANAPOLIS -- Things worth noting from the Giants' loss to the Colts on Sunday: What it means: That the New York Giants aren’t in the Peyton Manning/Indianapolis Colts class yet. They can beat the Carolina Panthers, but they aren’t among the elite. When the schedule came out, though, did you really think the Giants were winning this one? The Giants at 1-1 after a 38-14 loss to the Colts is what we expected. Tomorrow’s talker: The Giants seemed so wary of the pass game that they may have overdone it with with the extra defensive backs. That made it easier for the Colts to run it, and Joseph Addai and Donald Brown looked just great with the ball in their hands, combining for 161 yards and a 4.5 average. Addai looked particularly fresh, decisive and darting. ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga September 15th 2010

WARNING -THIS IS A VERY LONG BLOG - PREPARE YOURSELF!!! We set off from Christchurch first thing in the morning and flew to Auckland where we had a nice eight hour wait for our next flight to the Island of Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands. Our flight left Auckland at 6pm that evening and after only 3 ½ hours we’d arrived at Rarotonga airport but at 1am the same day we’d left! This was due to the fact that we’d crossed the International Date Line and managed to claw ourselves a day back! Being part of the Southern Group Islands, Rarotonga is the vibrant heart of the Cook Islands nation, the largest Island and the countries Capital even though it’s only 32 km in circumference! Now our reasoning behind a visit to the Cook Islands is ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga September 5th 2010

Rarotonga is one of the wettest islands in the Cook Islands, although they don't tell you that in the brochure. When it rains, it sucks. But when it's sunny it's everything a tropical island should be. A 360 coastline of sandy beach, cushioned by an expansive lagoon which protects you from some almighty looking waves. In said lagoon you find fish acting how fish do - which by the way is nothing like in an aquarium. The little stripey ones come up to you and say hello. Parrotfish graze the sea bed making audible chomping noises with their beaks - hence the name. Others like to follow you around too. There are huge ones, tiny ones and ones that don't look like fish. And don't get us started on the octopus. The island looks like Lost ... read more
Rarotonga - Diving
Rarotonga - Doven

Oceania » Cook Islands » Niue August 7th 2010

18.33.02S 174.03.23E Arrived 0300 on the morning of Friday the 30th of July in the moorings of the harbour of Nieu, a beautiful little island between the Cooke Islands and Tonga. We were sooooo lucky to be able to get the last available public mooring thanks to the assistance of Rob from Bristol Rose and Mads and Ellen on Go Beyond got the last available fishing boat mooring. Not long after we tied up, a French Catamaran, Becoup or something similar came in and we let them raft up next to us and shared a few beers, rumbos and wines before getting to bed about 5.00am. We were happy campers to be on a mooring rather than having to find a place to drop the pick as the sea bed is littered with deep rocky gutters ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga July 24th 2010

Mon 12th The flight was ok as I did sleep most of it, well on and off. We arrived at Rau's guest house, which it did not look anything like the photos from the internet, as we were explaining to the driver that this is not what we expected a lady turned up and said we should be at the beach resort with the family. We got to the guest house and the family who own the house were i there with the grandparents, children, brothres etc although they made us feel very welcome the grandmother said to use ' well i hope you don't mind kids crying in the night and children fighting'. We knew that there was a dispute about the house, the family have taken it back and don't want to rent it ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga June 2nd 2010

No I did not get to live a whole year in Rarotonga (oh how I am dreaming now) we celebrated one whole year of marriage there. We have just got back from a beautiful extra long weekend, an extra long weekend that just was not long enough. Packing list T-shirt Shorts Swimsuit Suntan lotion Sunglasses Insect repellent (they have some pretty big beasts) Raincoat/umbrella (it will rain at some point!) KIA ORANA It started with a warm welcome on arrival at the airport. It starts with a local gentleman singing while you go through customs. We were dutifully pointed to the transport to get to our hotel where you are given the traditional lei, garland of flowers around your neck. The driver tells you a bit about the town as you drive through and so you ... read more
Muri Beach
Photo 5

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