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Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga May 19th 2013

Have you ever wondered how to crack an coconut open? Well, here is a guide on how to do it. First you need the nut itself. On these islands they are lying around all over the place. We just stopped an picked one up along the road. Then you'll need a sharp stick. We found a steel bar used in concrete structures lying on the parking lot. That will do it! Stick the bar in the ground and use it to remove the fluffy cover of the nut. With a steel bar like this it takes some hitting and bending to remove it. When you uncovered the nut you'll need a good rock with a bit of an edge to smash it open. Something from the garden will do just fine. The coconut has three "eyes" ... read more
It takes some bending
Hit it!

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga May 18th 2013

This week we are on the beautiful island of Rarotonga. Our bungalow is named Magic Reef and that is all true. Right down from our beach there is the reef, about 40 metres wide, with all its corals, shells and small crustaceans (every time you find a beautiful shell it is already claimed!). Not to forget the uncountable sea cucumbers. Beyond this the dark blue ocean contiguously smashes its energy against the reef. We can never stop getting fascinated of this act. Collecting wind energy waves get built up over large distance on the open ocean. Only a part of them is visible, the major part is actually under water, going in circles. When this energy comes close to land and the circle can't be fulfilled any more the water rises up until it breaks down ... read more
Muri Lagoon
Bananafish (real name: Whitebanded triggerfish or Baliste Picasso)
Early morning at the coast of Rarotonga

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki May 9th 2013

THE We left Sydney at 6pm on 1st May and flew via Auckland to Rarotonga, capital of the Cook Islands for the penultimate leg of our adventure. We then arrived at 3pm on 1st May...despite completing two flights and a 9 hour stopover at Auckland, we had arrived 3 hours earlier than when we had set off!! We had crosssed the international date line and gone back a crazy is that?! There had been a cock up with the booking when we arrived in Auckland .... we thought we were 'in transit' but it appeared to be two seperate flights instead. So, we had had to briefly enter New Zealand again to collect our luggage and then immediately check in again and go through customs again. This was a real flying visit and the quickest ... read more
Back in Auckland - flying visit!
Our bungalow at Sunrise
Gravestone outside the front door!

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga November 3rd 2012

Did I say next stop the Cook Islands? . . we almost didn't make it, as little did I know I was travelling with a terrorist . . when Geen got stopped and was randomly searched, her hand luggage tested positive for explosives!!! I had already passed through customs so was completely unaware of the mayhem unravelling behind me, thinking Bloomy was just making eyes at the Security guards as usual (ha!), but no, after being subjected to a sniffer dog and frisking, she was finally allowed through, looking completely unruffled. That's my girl! Having left NZ on Thursday 16th July, we arrived in Rarotonga on Wednesday the 15th July. No, this is not a typing error. After a 4 hour flight, we passed through the international dateline and gained 22 hours. I still can't get ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands September 30th 2012

Rarotonga After a hectic week leading up to the wedding, the wonderful wedding day then saying our goodbyes to family and friends, we were finally off to the Cook Islands for 12 full days to relax and soak it all in. To get to the Cooks we had to stop over in Auckland and take a connecting flight over to Rarotonga, a little bit of a mission but we have done much worse and it's the places that require a little more effort to get to usually turn out to be better with less tourists and from our experiences in the past - better diving with more fishies to ourselves! So after an exhausting couple of transfers we arrive close to midnight in the cosy little airport of Rarotonga, The Cook Islands Capital. Straight to the ... read more
Raro - Beach Shack Balcony
Raro - Our beach right out the front
Raro - James Bond just been snorkelling

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga September 23rd 2012

For this year's holiday we decided to stay relatively close and visit one of the Pacific Islands. Rarotonga seemed to be our best option even tho' we had reservations about the often dodgy weather and wondered if there would be enough to entertain us for nearly two weeks. We decided to stay in private accommodation booked via the internet rather than in a resort and even tho' we were booking more than six months out, we found that it wasn't possible to stay in one place for the entire 12 days. Rarotonga is apparently VERY popular for weddings and is booked out over a year in advance. We booked 6 nights at the Cooks Bay Villas followed by 5 nights at Makayla Palms just down the road. Both were great choices, but the Cooks Bay Villa ... read more
Muri beach
Bliss is a hammock overlooking a blue lagoon
Looking back at Muri from Motu

Oceania » Cook Islands » Rarotonga March 5th 2012

We’ve left New Zealand. We’re feeling good about it too. This past year has been life altering beyond words and I believe we really won’t understand the full effect of how this year has changed us until we settle back home. Honestly though, we’re on the E of D-O-N-E. I just want a freaking place to keep my tooth brush for longer than a month, I really want my electric tooth brush back. We’re both ready to buy property and settle done a bit. The past two months in New Zealand were unbelievable. The beginning of February brought us to a fabulous festival called Luminate. It was on top of a crystal mountain in the middle of nowhere, outside of Nelson, with about 2,000, earth loving, spiritually enlightened individuals. The festival was composed of both music ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands » Aitutaki February 13th 2012

Det har altid været en drøm for mig, at opleve en ægte Stillehavs ø, sådan lidt i stil med det man ser i Robinson, dog under lidt mere ordnede forhold, og dog uden der bliver alt for kommercialiseret. Derfor vidste jeg, da rejsen igen gik til New Zealand, at jeg måtte bruge nogen dage til at finde sådan en, da New Zealand nok er det tætteste ”land” man kommer disse øer. Derfor havde jeg hjemmefra udset mig Cook Øerne, som min destination, som ikke er så kendt og opskruet som Fiji eller så dyr som Tahiti. Den er dog heller ikke helt ukendt, hvilke jo også har noget at sige, da jeg gerne skulle kunne betale mig fra at komme dertil J. Efter billetten var købt fra Auckland til hoved øen Rarotonga, gik det lidt op ... read more
Aitutaki lufthavn.
Min hytte ved vandet.
Udsigten fra huset.

Oceania » Cook Islands February 13th 2012

Our week here in Raratonga is coming to an end and we are now on our last day. The week here has gone very quickly indeed and on our last full day we have been treated to fabulous weather. The sun is beating down on us with the heat tempered by a warm island breeze, making it a perfect day for spending on the beach. The last 24 hours have been exciting, as we have been in the middle of a tropical storm the name of which we cant remember, but it had previously been over Fiji and decided to drop in on us during Friday night. We awoke at 3am to the loudest rainstorm we have ever heard. So Saturday we got up early to watch the Rugby and were disappointed to learn that it ... read more

Oceania » Cook Islands February 10th 2012

The Leader of the Pack Since our last blog we have been eaten alive at the waterfall by mosquitos and although it was a pretty sight we got the hell outa town as soon as those little critters got a taste for our blood. You have never seen a sight like it with James jumping and moaning and me laughing so hard at his response and the little Nissan Micra had never moved so fast. We have been enjoying the sunshine on the many beautiful beaches which fringe the whole island but have found our local beach to be one of the best' which is handy as we can pop home for lunch. The downside to this piece of paradise seems to be that we have been adopted by a pack of local dogs and they ... read more

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