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March 8th 2011
Published: March 9th 2011
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Its day 2 of our round the world journey. After about 15 hours of travel, we found ourselves on a charming island about the size of a quarter. The island, Rarotonga, is the capitall of the cook islands and is by far the largest of the 15 islands, with a circumference of 20 miles. Essentially, the entire island is coastline and everything is on beach front property. The international airport, beach front, the police station, beach front, the broken down building of parliament, beach front and of course our one room beach hut, beach front. We're staying at the Rarotonga Backpackers, a small complex with a total of about 10 rooms spread between huts and houses. The majority of the people here are from New Zealand and the accents sound like a mix b/t australian and english. So far we haven't done much, just visited the main town of avarau and taken the single bus around the single road on the island. our complex does have a bunch of hammocks hanging up, which is the highlight of my day, reading in a hammock at the water's edge. The weather is beautiful, very warm and humid and so far has been raining off and on. However, even when its raining, its warm. I'm actually perpetually sweating. Stray dogs and roosters roam then island, even now, inside the main house, roosters are walking 5 feet away (they also love to make noise at 5am, when the sun starts to creep up). There's a lot of outdoors activities on the island (actually thats really all there is to do), so i hope to get the chance to do some soon.

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9th March 2011

I AM JEALOUS - make sure to upload pics on the regular.
9th March 2011

And so it begins....
Great to hear you and Sara are off and running on your trip. First stop sounds terrific. Enjoy!

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