Halfway to Where?

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March 1st 2011
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Halfway to Where?

Well, yet again I have failed to write for a few weeks. They have been two pretty great weeks as well. I am exactly halfway through my time here on Raro and I feel as though I have been here forever yet am leaving in no time all at once. Reality keeps getting stronger as I continue my search for a job post-Divemaster but I am staying positive and am certain I will land on my feet. Well, that’s what everyone keeps telling me I will do anyway. I am currently broadening my search basis using all of my skills as possible avenues. I am searching for hospitality jobs, dive jobs and even horse related jobs. The last of that list is actually proving to be the most successful so far, but I am still waiting to see what unfolds with a few other options.

My social life here on the island is still as strong as ever, in fact one night I scored free drinks all night from one of the bussers without a clue as to how. I mean, I know I have a killer wink and all, but I don’t think I ever even made eye contact with the guy. Ah well…. God knows I am not complaining! We had a fun Saturday night at the house of The Dive Center’s crew. They are one of the other dive shops on the island and also fairly good friends of ours. While I was house-sitting Amanda came over both Sunday nights and we had cute little date night dinners. I loved the company and I think she enjoyed getting out of her own house for a change of scenery. I bonded with my adopted animals and even took to running in the morning with my three-legged dog Sophie….. only to find out she is a much better runner than me! It was also fun to take the dogs down to the beach in the morning for a walk and catch the tailend of the sunrise. Very quiet and serene…. A great way to start your day if you ask me!

My “professional” life is going swimmingly as well. (Yes, that is a HUGE pun) Amanda and I finished our Rescue Diver Course so we can now save your life should you have a SCUBA diving accident…. Or at least we can in theory. In all truth it really was a very good course, I learned a ton and feel much more confident in the water. Tim and Sara played their parts well as panicked divers and almost succeeded in drowning us both. Big hand for both of them! Again, to be honest, the two of them helped incredibly and taught us almost as much as our Instructor just by giving us tips and tricks they learned. They have been so great to watch and learn from. Since they are only a few steps ahead of Amanda and myself, we benefit so much from watching their trial and error. I give them heaps of credit for doing it without such help.

The island is still as beautiful as ever. It was made much smaller for me though this past week. I went on the Cross Island Walk with a new friend of mine from England named Alex and it was absolutely spectacular. Its really much more of a proper hike than any sort of “walk” that’s for sure! You have to pull yourself straight up on tree roots and the like and then use ropes for parts to lower yourself down. Combined with mud and loads of mozzies, it was quite the challenge, but WELL worth it. At the very top you sit among the mountain tops and can see both the North shore and the South shore at the same time. You begin to realize that as much as we joke about it, we really are on a small rock in the middle of the South Pacific. Alex and I took a nice hour long lunch at that point, complete with a beer apiece, and took in the beauty that is Rarotonga. In all, the hike itself took about 4 hours, lunch included, and I cant wait to do it again!

I am starting to miss Michigan and New York a bit more these days. Maybe I just miss not ranging from damp to soaking wet for 90% of everyday. Real clothes, dry clothes…. Those are truly what I long for sometimes. I know all of you in those snow-covered regions are telling me to piss-off because you are living in 15 layers of wool and cotton at the moment and that I should be grateful to be in 80 degree weather in a bikini, but as they say “the grass is always greener” eh?

For those of you who know my Mum and Dad, I ask that you send a little extra love their way right now. They need it. And those who are close enough, I beg you to give them a big hug from me. Family is just so important, and it doesn’t matter if you are blood related. Sometimes our friends are there for us in ways that our relatives cant be. My parents have some amazing friends, and I am so happy that I got to grow up knowing them. I only hope that I can keep that close with my best mates through all of my gallivanting, because the stories that span the years are just soooooo worth it!

Big love to you all, please keep in contact. I never hear from any of you as to what is going on in your life, which to me is just as interesting and important as anything I could be doing. Stay safe!!



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